Wood Elves

Elven subrace.

Wood elves are reclusive, but less so than the almost feral wild elves. Also called copper elves, they have coppery skin tinged with green, and brown, green, or hazel eyes. Their hair is usually brown or black, with blond and coppery-red occasionally found. The patron god of the wood elves is Rillifane Rallathil.

The High Forest is home to many wood elves, and smaller communities can be found in forests throughout Faerûn. Many wood elves, especially those from the forest of Cormanthor, participated in the Elven Retreat in 1344 DR that saw many elves, mostly sun and moon elves, retreat to the Isle of Evermeet. Wood elves felt the loss of their Faerûnian forests much more keenly than their “high elf” compatriots however, and most returned over the next half century.

The wood elves are the least ancient of the elven subraces, having mostly formed from those sun, moon, and green elves (predecessors of the wild elves) who retreated from civilization into the forests after the Crown Wars. It was from the interbreeding of these races that the wood elves arose. While not following the savage ways of the wild elves that also entered the forests, they formed tightly networked communities, and left behind Elven High Magic. Unlike most other elves, wood elves rarely think of themselves as apart from the rest of Faerûn.

Wood Elves

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