War of Everlasting Darkness

The War for the Silver Marches, also known as the War of Everlasting Darkness, was a conflict during the years 1484-1485 DR. It was mainly waged by the orcs of Many-Arrows against the cities of Luruar and the dwarven citadels of Mithral Hall, Citadel Adbar, and Citadel Felbarr, although it was later revealed that drow manipulations had been responsible for the orcs’ actions. The orcs were also aided by frost giants from the Spine of the World, as well as the white dragon Arauthator.

By 1484 DR, surreptitious drow activity was increasing to alarming levels throughout the Silver Marches, and a magical darkness, that came to be known as “the Darkening” was spreading its tendrils over the land. Although it was said to be powerful drow magic, probably sponsored by Lolth herself, the truth was never entirely revealed. This darkening of the sky set the stage for the coming war ahead.

In 1358 DR, over a hundred years earlier, an army of drow from Menzoberranzan, together with goblin and kobold allies attacked the shield dwarves of Mithral Hall. After several days of fighting, the drow were beaten back. The wounds inflicted on the drow never truly healed however, and the dwarves of Mithral Hall became sworn enemies for many of those drow for life. Thus it was that the first large scale attack in the conflict that broke out in 1484 DR was on the dwarven citadel of Mithral Hall. Initially small drow raids, allied with goblins, made a push through the Lowerdark dwarven holdings, destroying many outlying settlements before they had a chance to react.

However, the drow attacks were merely a prelude. At the same time, a massive orc horde begun to raid across the Silver Marches, besieging Mithral Hall along with the other dwarven strongholds as well as those of Luruar. Before long, Sundabar would be taken, Nesmé would be razed, and all of the other settlements would be under heavy siege.

Although the conflict pushed right into the Undercity of Mithral Hall at one point, it finally came to an end at Jolhad’s Hold, a dwarven mining settlement in a massive cavern half a mile southwest and beneath the Hall. There the dwarves triggered a massive explosion that caved in the entire cavern, killing not only many drow in the process but also many brave dwarves that were fighting to keep the drow there. The plan was executed by Gundren Rockseeker, a mining expert from Jolhad’s Hold. Crag Gravelpit was a member of the militia called to battle to defend Mithral Hall, and his experiences there would change the young stonemason’s life forever. Crag was present at the final battle at Jolhad’s Hold, and witnessed the explosion firsthand.

Although the Battle of Jolhad’s Hold, as it later came to be known, was the end of the drow assault on Mithral Hall, orcs continued to rage throughout the Silver Marches and the encroaching magical darkness that was spreading over the land did not come to an end until some months later. Eventually however, the orc horde was broken, their chieftain slain, and Dark Arrow Keep would be largely demolished.

A common tale related told that the goddess Mystra, returned to life by her most powerful servants, assisted a band of adventurers put an end to Lolth’s schemes by slaying her greatest tool, the drow Danifae Yauntyrr, who it was thought had been Lolth’s Chosen. With Danifae dead and Lolth thwarted, the darkness over the Silver Marches retreated, and the drow retreated back into the Underdark. Another rival tale however spoke of a drow ranger erupting into light put into him by the goddess Mielikki that finally broke Lolth’s darkness.

War of Everlasting Darkness

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