This half-elf is a childhood friend of her fellow half-elves Lucky and Princess Fluffypants, as well as the tiefling Baraxis. The four grew up in the sprawling Amnian city of Athkatla as children, though they parted ways as they grew up. A quite attractive girl, Talis’s affections were constantly sought after by both Lucky and Baraxis, who considered themselves rivals.

Four years after the four largely parted ways, rumours began to arise in Athkatla that Talis had been kidnapped by the Cult of the Dragon. Her family panicked, and this soon drew the attention of her childhood friends. Separately, her three friends would follow rumours of Cult of the Dragon activity to the town of Greenest, where Baraxis would be killed, and Lucky and Fluffypants would be drawn into investigating the Cult to discover what had become of their friend.

Over time, through the interrogation of Frulam Mondath and later Hamez, it was revealed that Talis had not in fact been kidnapped by the Cult at all, but had become a high-ranking member with a close relationship to the white dragon Glazhael. Nevertheless, Lucky and Fluffypants continued their search for their childhood compatriot.

In 1485 DR, soon after Lucky left Athkatla, Talis had become sought after by an Amnian Lord named Marius Alenvar, and became a member of his household as a maid while the lord sought her affections. Over the years as he tried to woo her, he showered her with many gifts, including many of draconic origin, and he told her many grand tales of draconic might.

Two years later, Marius brought her to the Spine of the World to meet a dragon. It was his intent to not only win her heart by showing her his ability at taming the creature, but also to win the Cult of the Dragon a valuable ally, as the Lord was a member. However, instead Marius angered the dragon. According to Talis, Glazhael slew him after he offered the dragon a great sacrifice of meat that was still warm to touch. With Marius dead and Talis believing she would freeze in the mountain winter, she re-prepared the meat as a grand sacrifice, this time with it appropriately frozen for the white dragon. Glazhael accepted the sacrifice and saved the young half-elf’s life from the cold.

Some time after that, while Talis was living with the dragon who had developed a fondness for her, Glazhael was contacted by Galvan the Blue, a high ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon. He converted Talis fully to the Cult, though she already had a strong belief in the superiority of dragons. She had also become despairing of the nature of men and the other lesser races, and would later claim that “many dark things had happened to her”, though she did not elaborate on this.

Over the next two years Talis’s influence within the Cult would rise rapidly, most notably for her extensive Amnian contacts and her close relationship with a dragon, something less than a handful of people across the entire Sword Coast could claim. It was widely expected that Talis would be elevated to the rank of Wyrmspeaker under Severin’s leadership, but she was passed over in favour of Varram the White, something which has darkened Talis’s opinion of the Cult’s current leaders. She has an especially vitriol-filled relationship with Rezmir the Black, as the half-dragon has consistently mocked her for her low birth, simple nature, and lower rank within the Cult.

When Talis and Lucky were finally reunited, she expressed a genuine gladness to see her old friend. After discovering that she was a true dragon cultist and had not been kidnapped as he had been led to believe, Lucky informed her that Baraxis had died trying to find her and rescue her, a fact that greatly saddened her – but would not sway her from her path. When Lucky tried to convince her to leave with him, she expressed a desire to leave her current life behind and go away with him – but although she was not devoted to the worship of Tiamat like most ranking members of the Cult, she had nevertheless become a true dragon cultist, dedicated to a world where dragons rule and fully convinced of their superior nature. She had also become ambitious and resentful of the Cult’s current leadership, and expressed a real desire to see them fail. She would not leave until at the very least, her rival Rezmir was seen to fail spectacularly – though Lucky doubted if her ambition would stop there.

With a hope of moving up in the Cult’s ranks, Talis aided Lucky and his companions to get aboard Skyreach Castle, in order to disrupt the transport of a hoard of wealth Rezmir had gathered from all over the Sword Coast. Those events resulted in Rezmir’s death, along with that of the Red Wizard Rath Modar, creating a power vacuum within the Cult. When Varram the White‘s wyrmspeaker mask was stolen and the dwarf was captured, Talis managed to secure the mask. With her two main rivals now out of the way, Talis’s ambitions are close to being realized. She has travelled to the Well of Dragons, probably with her guardian Kupshia.


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