Sun Elves

Elven subrace.

Sun elves are less common across Faerûn than moon elves, because most live on Evermeet, where non-elves are not allowed. Also called gold elves or sometimes high elves, they have bronze skin, golden blond, copper, or black hair, and green or gold eyes. These are seen as the most civilized and haughty elves, preferring to remain separate from non-elven races. This preference dates back to the ancient sun elven empire of Aryvandaar, where that realm’s belief of its supremacy led to the Crown Wars.

Sun elves are firmly of the belief that they stand as the sole protectors and inheritors of Corellon’s legacy in the world. Patient and deliberate in most of what they do, they demonstrate an orderly nature uncommon to most elves, preferring to master a skill before applying it rather than learning as they go. Rushing is out of the nature of sun elves, who, while less versatile than most races, have a mastery of whatever they apply themselves to. The only true exception to this is martial combat, which nearly all sun elves have some training in, regardless of how much and which most are eager to finish as quickly as possible once engaged.

Most sun elves left Faerûn for Evermeet, if they had not already done so, in 1344 DR, in an event known by others as the Elven Retreat. Only 1 in 20 sun elves stayed behind. However, thirty years later some began to trickle back to Faerûn, though in far less numbers than the moon elves who also participated in the Retreat.

Outside of Evermeet, sun elves can be found in the woodlands of the North, Silverymoon, and the Western Heartlands. The realm of Evereska is also home to a number of powerful sun elven families.

Sun Elves

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