Mistress of the Night, Lady of Loss, Dark Goddess
Greater Deity
Symbol: Black disc with deep purple border
Alignment: Neutral evil
Pantheon: Faerûnian
Portfolio: Darkness and loss
Domains: Death, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: “The Disc of Night” (Chakram)

Shar (shahr) is a twisted and perverse being of hatred, jealousy, and evil. She can see every being, object, and act performed within darkness and holds dominion over pains hidden but not forgotten, carefully nurtured bitterness, and quiet revenge for old slights. She spends much of her energy battling her old nemesis, Selûne, in a war that is older than recorded time. She is the creator of the Shadow Weave.

The church of Shar is made up of independent cells that have strong, authoritarian leaders. All cells in a particular region are under the purview of a superior priest. Clergy members revel in secrets, using them to tie each other together in loyalty and community. They pursue practical goals of advancing the power of the priesthood and of Shar’s worshipers while avoiding direct opposition of other faiths (except that of Selune). The clergy of Shar work to overthrow governments, promote Shar’s patronage of avengers, organize secret cabals, and create false cults to further their ends.

Clerics of Shar pray for their spells at night. They have no faithwide holy days except the Rising of the Dark, which occurs on the Feast of the Moon and involves a blood sacrifice and the revelation by senior clerics of which plots the church will be advancing in the coming year. At least once a tenday, a cleric must attend a Nightfall, a dancing and feasting revel performed at nightfall that is followed by a small act of wickedness that the cleric reports to her superiors in the clergy. Shar’s clerics often multiclass as rogues. She has an elite order of sorcerer-monks in her service that uses the power of the Shadow Weave.

Reveal secrets only to fellow members of the faithful Never follow hope or turn to promises of success. Quench the light of the moon (agents and items of Selune) whenever you find it, and hide from it when you cannot prevail. The dark is a time to act, not wait. It is forbidden to strive to better your lot in life or to plan ahead save when directly overseen by the faithful of the Dark Deity. Consorting with the faithful of good deities is a sin except in business dealings or to corrupt them from their beliefs. Obey ranking clergy unless it would result in your own death.


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