Rellevar Danuvien

The Frost Sprite King, the archfey Rellevar Danuvien, is a powerful fey of the Winter Court, and an ally of Queen Tiandra at the Court of Stars. He seeks to mitigate the effects of the harshest effects of the elements on the mortal races, especially that of blizzards. He is most revered by elves, many of whom follow Rellevar as equal to one of the elven gods. He is one of the most likely fey to intervene in the mortal world for its betterment, most especially the elves.

Rellevar is the powerful patron of Princess Fluffypants, teaching her arcane fey magics that she is able to wield in battle. As payment for this power, Rellevar took Fluffypants’s true name from her, and said that it would be returned at a point in the future after she performed some then unknown deed. Much later, Rellevar revealed that the time had come, and requested five chromatic dragon hearts of the young warlock – through this she would would repay her side of the pact with him.

Rellevar was once wedded to another Archfey named Aurilandur, the Frost Sprite Queen, the sister of Titania the Summer Queen (leader of the Summer Court). However, Aurilandur, a cold-hearted and spiteful fey, started a coup against her sister that eventually saw her thrown out of the Feywild. Since that day she has had more effect in the mortal world, where she has become worshipped enough to obtain a relatively large following as the Cold Goddess Auril, and she has since obtained a realm in the celestial plane. Rellevar seeks to protect the world from her wishes to cover it in winter, and although he has little hope for her rehabilitation, a part of him still loves her. She is one of the primary reasons Rellevar remains fixed on the mortal world, and he has been a patron of many elves since that race’s beginnings. He remains a strong ally of Titania.

Also known as the Warden Against The Elements, Rellevar posts eladrin guardians throughout the coldest regions of the world to guard travellers that would enter domains where Auril’s sway is strong. Such guardians include Soveliss, who watches over part of the Sea of Moving Ice. He also has other fey loyal to him that are more informants than guardians, such as the satyr Dion.

The Prince of Satyrs Hyrsam has indicated that the reasoning behind Rellevar’s request of dragon hearts is that he and a consortium of allies from the Court of Stars plans to re-instigate the Dracorage Mythal, something of which he has not spoken at all of the Princess Fluffypants.

Rellevar Danuvien

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