The frontier town of Phandalin, southeast of Neverwinter at the base of the hills around the Sword Mountains, is a relatively new settlement. It is only four years old, though it is built on the ruins of a much older settlement built close to the then prosperous mine of the Phandelver’s Pact. The old town and the mine were destroyed by orcs around five hundred years ago. The current town revolves around miners working in the Sword Mountains, but has also become home to farmers, woodcutters, and fur traders.

While in times past the town’s relative proximity to Neverwinter might have gained it some protection, the devastation that came to that city after the explosion of Mount Hotenow 30 years ago has caused the people of Neverwinter to turn inward. The people of Phandalin came to the town knowing that they only had themselves to rely on.

The town has no functioning government, but the townsfolk elect someone to serve as townmaster each year to serve as a judge in minor disputes and keep records. Though the town has no guard to speak of, the town rallied together in times of need until the arrival of the Redbrands, a gang of brigands and thieves who bullied the townsfolk into submission until their defeat by the adventurers Crag, Dug, Himophilia, and Zerok.

Recent weeks have seen Sildar Hallwinter elected as the town’s sheriff, and the installation of a statue of a hobgoblin on top of the town’s main fountain by Crag Gravelpit.

Town Map:
Map of Phandalin

Notable Townsfolk:
Harbin Wester – Townmaster
Sildar Hallwinter – Sheriff and member of the Lords’ Alliance
Halia Thornton – Guildmaster of the Miner’s Exchange
Toblen Stonehill – Proprietor of the Stonehill Inn
Trilena Stonehill – Head Chef of the Stonehill Inn
Pip Stonehill – Son of Toblen and Trilena
Elsa Pinstock – Barmaid at the Stonehill Inn
Elmar Barthen – Proprietor of Barthen’s Provisions
Linene Graywind – Master of the Lionshield Coster Trading Post
Daran Edermath – Retired half-elven adventurer
Sister Garaele – Elven priestess of the Shrine of Luck
Qelline Alderleaf – Halfing farmer and town gossip
Carp Alderleaf – Son of Qelline
Lanar Tuggett – Miner and gambler
Freda Farthistle – Weaver and Proprietor of Freda’s Weaves
Mirna Dendrar – Widow of murdered husband Thel
Nilsa Hallwinter – Daughter of Mirna, married to Sildar
Nars Dendrar – Son of Mirna


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