Mithral Hall

The shield dwarven stronghold with the strongest contact with the outside world is Mithral Hall, under the earth beneath Fourthpeak Mountain in the Spine of the World. Originally a mithral mine of Clan Battlehammer, it slowly became a safe haven for dwarves and other races. There are no main roads to the Hall, which is highly defensible, although it is also highly connected to the Underdark, with a well-used passage to the deep gnome enclave of Blingdenstone. Due to many centuries of conflict with drow, orcs, and goblinoids, folk in Mithral Hall are cautious when dealing with outsiders. Any dwarf from Mithral Hall is more likely to stick a drow with a crossbow bolt than to parlay with one. The current ruler is Queen Dagnabbet Waybeard, and though her rule has been a short one thus far, she is widely respected by her people.

The city has been closely allied with Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr for many years, and this alliance has very much consolidated since the War of Everlasting Darkness brought them together against an orc horde that was guided by drow hands. During that conflict Connerad Brawnanvil was the King of Mithral Hall, and he guided his people through a difficult and prolonged siege, and the dwarves of the Hall played a crucial role in breaking the orc horde.

In 1486, a previous King of Mithral Hall, Bruenor Battlehammer, reappeared and assisted in the war against the orcs, even slaying the orc chieftain. Following that, Bruenor led many dwarves from the city to retake ancient Gauntlgrym, and many dwarves of Mithral Hall resettled there. King Connerad even abdicated the throne to travel there, though he died in the fighting (though he was resurrected later).

The city of Silverymoon is around 120 miles down the River Rauvin to the southeast.

Mithral Hall

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