Misty Forest

Elves, druids, and rangers move comfortably through the fogs of this evergreen forest. Others have the uncomfortable sense that they don’t truly belong on its wooded slopes – particularly not the savage orcs and other barbarians that occasionally sneak through the forest from the High Moor to strike at the neighboring Trade Way. The elves within the forest keep it largely free of transgressions, led by King Melandrach, known as the King of the Misty Forest.

Though the Misty Forest’s elves (mostly wood elves) are loath to admit it, they perform a valuable service for caravans and other travelers headed to Daggerford or Secomber, providing temporary respite from the constant vigilance required to survive the attention of the creatures that infest the High Moor.

The settlements of the Misty Forest are mostly unknown to those without the full trust of the elves. Even the location of its capital is a carefully guarded secret.

Known Settlements:
Miyentar (capital)
Altland (partially destroyed by the Cult of the Dragon)
Willandell (partially destroyed by the Cult, and later again by Chuth)
Xandelil (destroyed by the Cult of the Dragon)

Misty Forest

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