The Many-Arrows orcs was once an aggregation of many orc clans of the North under the leadership of one ruler, but it has since been greatly diminished. It was once organised as an orc Kingdom recognized as a sovereign realm by several of the cities in the Silver Marches, although this came to an end with the War of Everlasting Darkness when the old peaceful ruler was slain and the orcs went to war – which ended in massive defeat for the orcish horde.

The citadel Dark Arrow Keep is situated in the Spine of the World mountains. The orc’s strength has waned greatly, and they rarely protrude much out of the territory around the citadel. They are ruled over by the chieftain Lorgru, who is careful to not break the peace with the Silver Marches, as it would likely result in a massacre for him and his people.

Although the orcs of Many-Arrows had previously maintained relative peace with the other kingdoms of the Silver Marches for over a hundred years, that changed in 1484 DR when some orcs of the Kingdom were brought into an alliance with drow of Menzoberranzan. The orcs unleashed a ruthless attack on the dwarven citadel of Mithral Hall, beginning what became known as the War of Everlasting Darkness. That war ended in 1485 DR with the orcs’ defeat, and their role in the North has remained tenuous since. They have become far less centralized since that event, and internal power struggles have been ongoing.

Crag, Dug, Himo, and Zerok fought against Many-Arrow scouts in the hills around the Sword Mountains who had been raiding travellers on the Triboar Trail and interfering with excavation at Old Owl Well. The scouts were all slain, and a further small group that tracked the adventurers down a few days later to take revenge were slain similarly.


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