The Beastlord, the Black Blooded Pard
Lesser Deity
Symbol: Clawed paw
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Pantheon: Faerûnian
Portfolio: The Hunt
Domains: Nature
Favoured Weapon: A beast’s claw (claw bracer)

Malar (mahl-arr) is a savage and bestial deity who revels in the fear of the hunted. Jealous of other deities and their power, he is constantly trying to steal their portfolios and worshipers. He delights in instilling fear in his victims, for he can literally smell and taste the essences of their terror. He excels at hunting, tracking, and animalistic slaughter.

Malar’s church lacks a central authority and consists of small groups of worshipers scattered across uncivilized areas. His church espouses the glory of the hunt, and its members engage in ritualized hunts of wild animals, strange beasts, or even captured humanoids, They prefer to drive hunted creatures along paths dangerous to both the predators and the prey so that the final kill is more worthwhile. They try to stage the bloody finale in or near a settled area so that others can see (and fear) the power of Malar. Church members work against the expansion of farms and civilization and attack groups of nonevil druids, seeing those who promote the gentler side of nature as weak and foolish.

Clerics of Malar pray for spells at night, preferably under a full moon. Two rituals the church observes are the Feast of the Stags and the High Hunt. The Feast of the Stags consists of clerics and worshipers of Malar hunting a great deal of game before Highharvestide and then inviting all to join them at a feast, at which time they pledge to hunt in the coming winter to provide for the needy. (This is one of the few things the church does that pleases outsiders.)

During the High Hunt, held each season, worshipers adorned in kill trophies hunt a humanoid, who wins his life and a boon if he escapes or survives a day and a night. Malar’s clerics often multiclass as barbarians, rangers, or (if evil) druids.

Malar is counted as one of the four “Gods of Fury” alongside Talos (god of destructive storms), Umberlee (goddess of oceans and sea winds), and Auril (goddess of winter).

Survival of the fittest and the winnowing of the weak are Malar’s legacy. A brutal, bloody death or kill has great meaning. The crux of life is the challenge between the hunter and the prey, the determination of who lives or dies. View every important task as a hunt. Remain.ever alert and alive. Walk the wilderness without trepidation, and show no fear in the hunt. Savagery and strong emotions defeat reason and careful thought in all things. Taste the blood of those you slay, and never kill from a distance. Work against those who cut back the forest and who kill beasts solely because they are dangerous. Slay not the young, the pregnant, or deepspawn so that prey will remain plentiful.


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