Laeral Silverhand

Lady Laeral Silverhand is one of the nigh-immortal Seven Sisters, powerful mages blessed by Mystra herself. She was once known as the Witch-Queen of the North, having been the ruler of a northern realm hundreds of years ago. She later led a famed adventuring group, and still later settled in the City of Splendors where she became known as the Lady Mage of Waterdeep. She vanished for many years, but reappeared on the Waterdeep political scene in 1487 DR.

She is a slim, lithe woman of surpassing beauty and impish twinkling eyes, who smiles easily and radiates confidence and warmth. As a much admired figure, Laeral was put up as a challenger to Dagult Neverember for the role of Open Lord of Waterdeep by the Masked Lords, and won the role in Nightal of 1489 DR. An extensive negative propaganda campaign against Neverember helped her greatly, but no link was made between the campaign and Lady Silverhand herself.

Council of Waterdeep
As the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral helmed the Second Council of Waterdeep. She indicated great worry about other dark forces requiring the attention of Waterdeep’s troops, and appeared unwilling to commit them in great numbers to the fight against the Cult of the Dragon.

Interaction with the Heroes of Skyreach
Laeral Silverhand held a personal meeting with Grihala “Glinda” Battlefate and Groβ Panzer prior to her first Council, where they probed her for her intentions. Laeral and Glinda seemed to get along quite well, and Glinda ended up asking her to take care of Celia for her. Laeral appeared concerned by Groβ’s sword Hazirawn however, and indicated to him that he should be wary of such a blade.

Laeral appears to be of a warm disposition to the adventurers, but has displayed little willingness to give them the command of Waterdeep’s troops.

Laeral Silverhand

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