Creatures of the earth who love a warm hearth and pleasant company, halflings are folks of few enemies and many friends. Halflings are widely dispersed throughout Faerûn and survive by escaping the notice of big folk. Most halflings are content with simple lives, never gaining more prestige than the respect of their local community.

Halflings are sometimes referred to fondly by members of other races as “the good folk,” for little upsets them or corrupts their spirit. For many, the greatest fear is to live in a world of poor company and mean intent, where one lacks the freedom and comfort to pursue his or her own life.

Halflings (or hin, as they often call themselves) are easily distinguished by their small size, though they dislike being judged solely on account of their short height. Like humans, half lings have regional variations in facial features and complexions. They have the same general appearance as humans, except that their physical qualities are all diminutive. Many halfling traditional homelands are no more. However, out of tragedy, the halfling race is stronger and more unified, and it has earned the respect of other races.

Exceptions aside, halflings are satisfied by a life filled with farming and commonplace pursuits. The majority are concerned only with the practical necessities of life. The value they place on friendship and community has led half lings to become integral parts of many human and elven societies in Faerûn’s northern reaches.

The Hin Ghostwars of -68 to -65 DR was a defining event in halfling history, and its end saw the beginning of a new era, with some beginning to build the new nation of Luiren and others setting off to explore the world. Years of living in different parts of Faerûn under different conditions have seen two main subraces of halfling emerge: the lightfoot and the strongheart halflings. The rare ghostwise halflings are all but forgotten to the world since the Ghostwars.

Religion and Alignment
Halflings most commonly worship members of the Halfling Pantheon. Yondalla is generally seen as the creator of the halfling race, and thus most halflings are lawful good as the goddess is.

A halfling reaches adulthood at the age of 20 and generally lives into the middle of his or her second century. They are considered middle-aged around 50, old at 75, and venerable at 100. The longest lived halfling may live to be 200.


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