Humans and elves sometimes wed, the elf attracted to the human’s energy and the human to the elf’s grace. These marriages end quickly as elves count years because a human’s life is so brief, but they leave an enduring legacy—half-elf children.

The life of a half-elf can be hard. If raised by elves, the half-elf seems to grow with astounding speed, reaching maturity within two decades. The half-elf becomes an adult long before she has had time to learn the intricacies of elven art and culture, or even grammar. She leaves behind her childhood friends, becoming physically an adult but culturally still a child by elven standards. Typically, she leaves her elven home, which is no longer familiar, and finds her way among humans.

If, on the other hand, she is raised by humans, the half-elf finds herself different from her peers: more aloof, more sensitive, less ambitious, and slower to mature. Some half-elves try to fit in among humans, while others find their identities in their difference. Most find places for themselves in human lands, but some feel like outsiders all their lives.

To humans, half-elves look like elves. To elves, they look like humans – indeed, elves call them “half-humans”. Their elven parentage gives them distinctive features. Moon half-elves are the most common variety of half-elf by var, and tend toward pale skin with a tinge of blue around the ears and chin. Sea half-elves tend to blend the flesh tones of their human and elven parents (but cannot breathe water). Sun half-elves have bronzed skin. Wild half-elves have medium-brown skin. Wood half-elves have coppery skin tinged with green. Drow half-elves tend to have dusky skin, silver or white hair, and human eye colors.

Half-elves can actually be relatively common in some regions – the most famous of which is the nation of Aglarond, where humans and elves have mixed freely for centuries. Half-elves can be found wherever humans and/or elves can be.

Religion and Alignment
Half-elves commonly worship members of both the Faerunian Pantheon and the Elven Pantheon, while half-drow may worship the Drow Pantheon.
Half-elves share the chaotic bent of their elven heritage.

Half-elves mature at the same rate as humans, though they live much longer. Half-elves are considered middle-aged around 60, old around 90, venerable at 125, and may live over 180 years.


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