Great Rift

The center of the immense grasslands of the Eastern Shaar is cut open as if by a gigantic sword in a curving, southeast-to-northwest canyon, the Great Rift. It plunges to a thousand feet below the level of the surrounding plains at its deepest point, although its floor is still well above sea level. Quarried by dwarves for centuries, enlarged from an impressive natural canyon to its present awesome size in the process, the Rift is the most powerful kingdom held by Faerunian dwarves today.

The Great Rift is the ancestral home of the gold dwarves. Unlike the shield dwarves of the north, the gold dwarves have flourished in one homeland for uncounted generations. The gold dwarves suffered their own ancient wars, but they turned the aftermath of the wars to their advantage. The Great Rift, a wound in the earth engineered (according to one theory) by their drow enemies thousands of years ago, is now the forbidding stronghold of the very race the drow hoped to destroy.

In the fusion of the worlds of Abeir and Toril during the years after the Spellplague, part of this rift opened even deeper into to the Underdark, creating the Underchasm and destroying half of the Great Rift settlement, but these have been rebuilt since the Underchasm was filled in with earth in 1486 DR by the primordial Grumbar.

The gold dwarves control the Rift’s floor, the tunnels and caves honeycombing its walls, the surface for a day’s pony ride in all directions on the surface, and portions of the Underdark within range of dwarven patrols.

The capital of the Great Rift is the gold dwarven city of Eartheart.

Great Rift

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