Dagult Neverember

Dagult Neverember is the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, and until recently was also the Open Lord of Waterdeep. He looks the part of such an impressively titled figure: tall and broad-shouldered, with a thick beard, a wild mane of hair, and a forceful manner. Neverember looks and behaves as a king should, and is generally seen to be a strong and decisive ruler, acting for the good of his subjects and realm – while consistently building his own power and wealth as well.

Personal History
Neverember is a stern, honest, hardworking man, with a fondness of hard spirits and little tolerance for those who waste his time. Before he was a Lord of Waterdeep he was a very wealthy merchant who rose to power on the back of his successful shipping business. His family manor in Waterdeep is the finest in the city. He has been married for many years, and has two sons and a daughter.

Thirty years ago Neverember embarked from Waterdeep with a small army of Mintarn mercenaries to the northern city of Neverwinter, ostensibly to rebuild the city after the devastation it endured during the Spellplague. Naming himself Lord Protector rather than the Ruler of Neverwinter, Dagult is the ultimate ruler of the city nevertheless, and many expect him to take up the title officially once the city is fully rebuilt. He is a highly influential member of the Lords’ Alliance and previously in his dual role as Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter, he was perhaps the most influential figure in the Sword Coast – although recent events have diminished his influence greatly.

Council of Waterdeep
Neverember is a member of the Council of Waterdeep, formed to deal with the rising threat of the Cult of the Dragon throughout the Sword Coast. He seems to be pragmatic and results-driven about the matter, but initially was very conscious that giving too many troops to the cause will leave the twin cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep very vulnerable.

However, once the Lords of Waterdeep voted to have him replaced as Open Lord by Laeral Silverhand (after an extensive propaganda campaign against him), Dagult has been left with only one city to oversee. Perhaps realising his diminished influence, Neverember has thrown in his hand behind the Heroes of Skyreach, backing them to lead the forces of Neverwinter against the Cult.

Dealings with the Heroes of Skyreach
Neverember had a troubled first meeting with Groβ, at which he planned to act as intermediary between the half-orc at Ulder Ravengard, who was honourbound to treat the barbarian as a criminal for stealing from a merchant of Baldur’s Gate, Benson Grain. However, the half-orc reacted rudely to this, and their relationship has been troubled since, although Groβ has since apologised. Glinda stepped in and apologized for the half-orc, putting down peace candles and instructing them on the way of Eldath. At the end of the First Council, Dagult personally gifted a pet mouse to Glinda on her request, which she named Yakult.

During the Second Council of Waterdeep, Neverember formally backed the heroes to lead the battle against the Cult, becoming the first councillor to do so. He also publicly acclaimed their abilities and heroics.

Other contacts
Jamna Gleamsilver claimed to be an employee of Neverember, though in fact she works for the Zhentarim.

Neverember’s chief aide is Lapenn Halisd, an uppity bureaucrat.

Dagult Neverember

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