Carlon Amoffel

This handsome and charismatic human member of the Harpers was first encountered buried up to his neck in the middle of the Trade Way, dehydrated, near-death, and with the word “Oathbreaker” written on his forehead. He was initially unwilling to tell the truth of how he got there, though he spun a relatively convinced story of an angry father to a woman who fell in unrequited love with him. His unwillingness to tell the full story saw him tied-up in the back of Princess Fluffypants’s wagon until the caravan reached Daggerford. There Lucky Charmer was able to confirm that the man was indeed a Harper from another member in the town, a shield dwarf named Arkem Weldworn.

There Carlon revealed to Lucky that he too, had been attempting to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon and follow their gathered hoard to its destination. However, he had been discovered and left buried up to his head. Satisfied, Lucky elected to leave Carlon behind in Daggerford, and that he travel on to Waterdeep separate from them.

Carlon apparently managed to beat the caravan to the City of Splendors (unsurprising as horseback is faster than by wagon), and had a chance (or was it) meeting in The Grinning Lion tavern with Princess Fluffypants. There he passed her a note to pass on to Lucky – a note that would be forgotten until they were weeks north of the city. Carlon also tried to come onto the charismatic half-elven entertainer, although his advances were rebuffed – a situation he was clearly unused to and unsure how to deal with.

The Grinning Lion is a regular hangout of Carlon’s, and the group have used this fact to contact him and the other Harpers several times since. He has been their intermediary for Leosin Erlanthar on more than one occasion, and he was also present at the interrogation of Varram the White. He has shown increasing infatuation with Princess Fluffypants, a fact the warlock mostly tries to avoid.

Carlon Amoffel

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