The Black Lord, the Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness
Greater Deity
Symbol: Green rays squeezed forth from a black fist
Alignment: Lawful evil
Pantheon: Faerûnian
Portfolio: Tyranny
Domains: War
Favoured Weapon: “The Black Hand of Bane” [a black gauntlet] (gauntlet)

Bane (bain) is the ultimate tyrant. He is thoroughly evil and malicious, and he revels in hatred and fear. A brooding power, he rarely shows himself directly, preferring to plot from within the shadows and destroy others from afar. He hopes to control all of Faerun and dominate or subsume all other deities, although for now he is willing to work with some of them to advance his cause.

Within the church, the church hierarchy resolves internal disputes through cold and decisive thought, not rash and uncontrolled behavior. Bane’s clerics and worshipers try to assume positions of power in every realm so that they can turn the world over to Bane. They work subtly and patiently to divide the forces of their enemies and elevate themselves and the church’s allies over all others, although they do not fear swift and decisive violent action to help achieve their aims.

Bane’s clerics pray for spells at midnight. They have no calendar-based holidays, and rituals are held whenever a senior cleric declares it time. Rites of Bane consist of drumming, chanting, doomful singing, and the sacrifice of intelligent beings, who are humiliated, tortured, and made to show fear before their death by flogging, slashing, or crushing.

Serve no one but Bane. Fear him always and make others fear him even more than you do. The Black Hand always strikes down those that stand against it in the end. Defy Bane and die—or in death find loyalty to him, for he shall compel it. Submit to the word of Bane as uttered by his ranking clergy, since true power can only be gained through service to him. Spread the dark fear of Bane. It is the doom of those who do not follow him to let power slip through their hands. Those who cross the Black Hand meet their dooms earlier and more harshly than those who worship other deities.


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