The archfey are the powerful lords and ladies of the fey, creatures of legend who holds secrets that were forgotten before the mortal races were even born. Their motivations are often inscrutable, and sometimes whimsical, and have involved the striving for greater magical power and the settling of age-old grudges. Many of these archfey meet periodically at the Court of Stars, which is hosted by the most influential of them, Queen Tiandra, the Summer Queen.

According the ancient legend, the archfey are the ones who first opened the portals that allowed the first elves to enter the world of Toril. For this reason, and that the elves brought an end to the Time of Dragons, the Cult of the Dragon regard archfey as evil creatures.

The warlock powers of Princess Fluffypants derive from a pact she made with an archfey, Rellevar Danuvien. In return for her powers, Rellevar has requested the entertainer find five chromatic dragon hearts for him – something the archfey Hyrsam says will recreate the dracorage mythal – the powerful magic the elves used in ancient times to end the Time of Dragons.

Queen Tiandra, the Summer Queen and host of the Court of Stars
Rellevar Danuvien, the Frost Sprite King
Hyrsam, the Prince of Satyrs


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