Rock Gnomes

Gnome subrace.

Rock gnomes are the most common type of gnomes in Faerûn, and are usually just called gnomes, since they are the only sort that surface dwellers ever see. They are inquisitive, irrepressible, and at times insincere. Segojan Earthcaller is considered the patron deity of the rock gnomes.

Equipped by nature with keen curiosity and a knack for mechanical workings, gnomes excel at intricate crafts such as gemcutting, toy making, and clockwork engineering. They happen to be the finest gunsmiths in Faerûn, and they are the most likely of any race to arm themselves with smokepowder firearms.

If the rock gnomes have a homeland, they would probably count it as the half-mythical island of Lantan, though many believe the isle has been drowned, if it even ever existed. Rock gnomes do not dwell in quantity in any particular country or city. Instead, small communities of a dozen families or so might be found almost anywhere, well hidden in wild terrain or sometimes in their own urban neighborhood. They favor temperate climates, and a number of gnome settlements are known to exist in the Western Heartlands and the Dalelands, as well as the woodlands of the Great Dale and Thesk.

Rock Gnomes

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