Rian Nightshade

This calm and straightforward tiefling is a member of the Zhentarim, and was introduced to the Heroes of Skyreach as the superior of Jamna Gleamsilver. She was interested in the Zhentarim getting an observing role on the Council of Waterdeep, so that they might better monitor the situation and determine a better asking price for their mercenaries when the time should come.

As a favour to Jamna, the adventurers managed to secure Rian an observing role at the Council, though they managed to make it look like Dagult Neverember had arranged it – the Lord Protector of Neverwinter had been meeting with the Zhentarim anyway, and was looking to improve his influence, so it was a deal that worked for everybody.

Rian and Dagult had met before, when Neverember purchased the service of her mercenary group, the Bloodied Thousand, to fight against the Cult of the Dragon at the Battle of Secomber. Although the combined Waterdhavian and Zhentarim forces were defeated, a working relationship between the two was founded – based on a mutual respect for the value of money.

Glinda requested an additional favour of the tiefling – the services of her most powerful warrior. Intrigued, Rian agreed, and told the absurdly strong but morally weak Darthan to accompany the cleric.

Rian Nightshade

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