Reidoth is an old human druid originally recommended to Zerok Ironfist by Sister Garaele as someone that might know how to find Cragmaw Castle, as he was said to know “every inch of the land”.

Time in Thundertree
Crag, Dug, Himo, and Zerok travelled to Thundertree to meet with the druid, who they found to be there trying to clear the ruined village of ash zombies and plant monsters created in the wake of Mount Hotenow’s explosion thirty years prior. He was also concerned about a green dragon that had recently settled in a tower in the centre of town, and tried to enlist the four’s help in driving it off. However, the four were worried they would not be strong enough to face the dragon, and instead requested from the druid the location of Cragmaw Castle. The druid was eager to help, claiming the goblins to be a terrible plague on the land, and best gotten rid of. Thus they parted ways, the four claiming they would return eventually to drive off the dragon.

The four never returned however, and it turned out that the green dragon, named Venomfang, had been watching the druid as carefully as he had been watching it. The dragon attacked him during one of his forays into the town, leaving him with a disfiguring scar that he has refused to heal as a reminder. The Cult of the Dragon later returned to Thundertree to recruit the dragon, and Reidoth left to discuss the issue with other members of the Emerald Enclave.

Organizing against the Cult of the Dragon
Reidoth is the Emerald Enclave’s ambassador to the growing effort to unite against the Cult and their alliance with dragons, having a personal history of involvement with both from his time in Thundertree. He, along with Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet and Leosin Erlanthar of the Harpers, recruited the Hermit, Getafix, Groβ, Lucky, Princess Fluffypants, and Glinda to help track the Cult. He remains involved with attempts to create a more organised effort to put an end to the Cult’s plans.


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