This ancient gold dragon is a former King of Justice – a royal title amongst gold dragons. He called the Council of Wyrms, and is one of the most respected and influential metallic dragons in Faerûn.

Protanther is a creature of regal majesty, gilded in a deep, almost rose, gold, with scales as hard as adamantine. His enormous eyes resemble pools of molten gold and hold within them the secrets and wisdom of ages long dead.

The gold dragon clearly bares little respect for humanoids, indicating that they have betrayed dragonkind countless times before and can be counted on to do so again. However, he reserves special animosity for the elves, whom he blames for the creation of the Dracorage Mythal, which periodically sent dragons insane for thousands and thousands of years. It was only through promising to gain an apology for the creation of the mythal from King Melandrach of the elves of the Misty Forest that the Heroes of Skyreach were able to gain the gold dragon’s promise to work with the humanoids against the Cult of the Dragon rather than act alone.

Protanther was present at the Battle of Messemprar – the ancient battle of the gods where the avatars of Bahamut and Tiamat destroyed each other, greatly weakening their power for millenia. Protanther blamed the death of Bahamut on Bensvelkeargix, the leader of Bahamut’s armies, whom he named the Betrayer, as he had murdered a human cleric of Bahamut, seemingly in cold blood, forcing Bahamut to expel him. However, Protanther finally forgave Bensvelkeargix at the Council of Wyrms, where the supposed Betrayer reswore the Ptarian Code and his allegiance to Bahamut.


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