Perrin Seaskipper

The older brother of Dugan “Dug” Seaskipper by three years, this dark-haired lightfoot halfling is just as quick on his feet as his sister, but a little less bright. Sixteen years ago, a young, ten year old Perrin was eager to prove to his parents that he was able to do “secret missions” like they did, and decided to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon, which he was introduced to by a half-elf named Silifrae. As his initiation into the Cult’s ranks, Silifrae demanded Perrin burn down his family home to prove his allegiance to his family was dead. Perrin, not wishing his family to die, set the fires but then made enough of a racket that he believed anyone surely should have been able to escape. His parents did not, however, and were killed in the fire, to Perrin’s horror.

A shocked Perrin was dragged back to the Cult of the Dragon’s headquarters in Neverwinter, only to find it under assault by those wearing “harp pins” like his parents wore – a group which he later learnt were known as the Harpers. Told they were there to kill him for killing his parents, Perrin escaped with a young human member of the Cult named Favric to the large town of Triboar to the east. Convinced that he would be killed if any of the Harpers found him, Perrin was forced to lay low with the only person who would look out for his well-being – Favric.

Over the next fifteen years Favric would slowly build up the Triboar Cell of the Cult of the Dragon, largely without contact from the greater organisation, at least as far as Perrin could tell. The young halfling adjusted to a new life in Triboar under a different name. That life was shattered 15 years later however when the inexperienced Cell was given their first mission – find and recruit a dragon to the Cult. Perrin still had relatively little understanding of what the Cult was about, and in truth he believed Favric had little idea himself. Nevertheless, he felt he owed Favric his life, and decided to help him complete his mission safely.

In Thundertree they finally found their target in the form of the green dragon Venomfang. Favric made entreaties to the dragon, and although it seemed amused by his efforts, it continually refused to join the Cult, demanding greater and greater tributes first. It was at this time that Perrin was reunited with his long lost sister, Dugan, who forced him to choose between Favric and her. Perrin ultimately sided with his family, though he was saddened to leave Favric behind – a fact which may or may not have played a role in Dug eventually letting the human live.

Three days later, Perrin was installed as the new Guildmaster of Phandalin’s Mining Exchange after his four companions had Halia Thornton chased from town for being an agent of the Zhentarim.

Perrin Seaskipper

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