Leosin Erlanthar

This half-elf monk from Berdusk is a member of the Harpers, and has spent much of his life investigating the Cult of the Dragon. His investigations led him to the site where they first attacked in Greenest, causing him to call on the druid Getafix Obelix for assistance, as he once saved the human’s life. By the time Getafix and his allies got to the town, Leosin had disappeared.

Nesim Waladra, a monk of the same order as Leosin (revealed much later to be the Order of the Waiting Talon), informed Groβ, Lucky, Rurik, and Bob the Hermit that he had attempted to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon during their assault on the town, but the attempt had failed and the monk had been taken prisoner – whether intentionally or not had been unclear. All that remained of Leosin was his broken staff and his choker, emblazoned with a silver dragon motif. The companions later rescued Leosin from the cultists, and after returning to Greenest he informed the group that he would travel onward to Elturel to inform his contacts of what had transpired. He also requested that they investigate the “nursery” at the cult’s camp, and ensure the dragon eggs he believed lay within would not be a threat. The party’s reward and Leosin would await them in Elturel.

In Elturel, Leosin revealed to the companions that he was a Harper, and together with Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet and Reidoth of the Emerald Enclave was involved in an effort to increase cooperation between regions and organizations on the growing issue of the Cult of the Dragon. It was he who revealed that the Cult planned to summon the dark goddess Tiamat and bring draconic rule back to the world. Then and there, he and his allies recruited Bob the Hermit, Getafix Obelix, Grob Panzer, Glinda, Lucky Charmer, and Princess Fluffypants to help investigate the threat. That group would go on to become the renowned Heroes of Skyreach (with the exception of Getafix who would die whilst investigating the Cult) – a name that Leosin devised for them as a publicity tool after their public arrival in Waterdeep on Skyreach Castle.

Leosin has been at the forefront of the movement for the Sword Coast to unite against the Cult and put an end to their threat before it is too late, but it has been troubled work. It was only with the aid of his fellow Harper Remallia Haventree that he was finally able to assemble the Council of Waterdeep, a meeting of factions concerned with the Cult. He continues to work to unite these disparate groups, while heavily promoting the so-called Heroes of Skyreach as heroes that are worth uniting behind, a project which thus far has led to quite a public face for all of them.

The monk’s primary contact with the group is Lucky, who has since become a fellow Harper. The two did not get off to a great start, as Lucky inferred that Leosin was a fool for getting himself captured by the Cult during his initial rescue. When Lucky requested payment and resources for the fight against the Cult, he won the ire of Ontharr Frume, but Leosin paid the rogue with little hesitation or rebuke. Since Lucky’s induction as a Harper, they have become steadfast allies. He has assisted Lucky look into smokepowder, and he was present along with Carlon Amoffel and another Harper at the interrogation of Varram the White. Whenever the group has required resources, Leosin has tried to make it happen.

The monk continues to work mostly out of Waterdeep, and he now possesses a sending stone which can be easily used to contact the group.

Leosin Erlanthar

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