Iarno Albrek

Formerly a wizard of the University of Neverwinter and member of the Lords’ Alliance, Iarno turned rogue from those organizations to become the leader of the gang of Redbrands in Phandalin, operating under the alias Glasstaff. He is linked to the one known as the Black Spider.

Iarno was defeated and captured by the adventurers Crag, Dug, Himophilia, and Zerok and handed over to Sildar Hallwinter for questioning, as a member of the Lords’ Alliance. After extensive questioning by Sildar’s “man from Neverwinter”, it was discovered that Iarno had become disgruntled with the poor life of a university academic, and when the Black Spider approached him with offers of vast wealth and access to the Forge of Spells, he leapt at the opportunity. He infiltrated the Lords’ Alliance as a mole for the Black Spider before travelling to Phandalin under the cover of doing the Alliance’s work. However his true goal was to control the town of Phandalin, and put a quick end to anyone looking for Gundren Rockseeker or Wave Echo Cave.

His four captors had a claim on his head due to a deal with Halia Thornton, and despite Sildar’s misgivings decided to make good on that deal. They were informed that Nilsa Dendrar, daughter of the murdered Thel Dendrar, wished to claim revenge on the man who was behind the Redbrands. The four agreed in return for her being forced into marriage with Sildar.

Nilsa Dendrar stabbed the bound and gagged Iarno Albrek through the heart with her longsword before decapitating him in his jail cell, watched by Crag, Dug, Himo, Zerok, and Sildar, on the eve of the Greengrass festival.

Iarno Albrek

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