Halia Thornton

A cold and to-the-point woman who carries a constant air of impatience, Halia is the administrator of Phandalin’s Miner Exchange and thus oversees most business that passes through the town. She has a reputation as a calculating and ambitious woman.

Halia requested the adventurers Crag, Dug, Himophilia, and Zerok to kill the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff (later discovered to be Iarno Albrek), as the gang was interfering with business. The four eventually made good on the contract, deliverin Halia Iarno’s head, courtesy of Nilsa Hallwinter cutting it off. Halia seemed pleased by this, and made mention that the “Black Network” (that they would later discover was the Zhentarim) might make use of the four again.

She would approach the group again a couple of weeks later, though Zerok, to try and have the four Redbrand prisoners released under her guidance, ostensibly to help build up the town and secure the Mining Exchange. However, the gold dwarf saw through her subterfuge and declined. However, when the same offer was put to Crag alone a week later, the shield dwarf agreed, and saw the former Redbrands released to her (albeit after severing each of their pinkies and a big toe).

Events would come to a head with Halia later that day, after Dug discovered letters in her home linking her to the Zhentarim through someone called Pharana, an organization dedicated to building power for its own sake. Halia was instructed to bring the town under her own rule by slowly building up her power-base there. When the town was alerted to this, Halia was chased from town, vowing that they were making a mistake, and that Phandalin would have been a safer and more prosperous town under her leadership.

Halia Thornton

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