He Who Never Sleeps, the One-Eyed God, He Who Watches
Greater Deity
Symbol: Unwinking eye
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Pantheon: Orc
Portfolio: Conquest
Domains: War
Favoured Weapon: “The Bloodspear” (longspear)

Gruumsh (groomsh) is the driven and aggressive leader of the orc pantheon. Constantly battling other deities for the things he feels were stolen from him at the dawn of creation, he drives the orcs of the world to follow his example and conquer and slay their enemies. His great spear is covered in the blood of elves and his ever-burning torch is reflected in his one remaining eye.

Gruumsh’s church relates the legends of the orcs from generation to generation and spreads the worship of Gruumsh through fear, inspiration, and an iron hand. The church takes an active role in the clan leadership, undermining a secular leader that opposes its goals. They are also responsible for the elimination of the sick, weak, lame, or unfit members of the tribe, regardless of age or status. Like most of the orc pantheon, his church is extremely patriarchal. Nonclerics are never allowed to say the deity’s name and may refer to him only by title. Particularly zealous clerics pluck out their left eye as a sign of devotion.

Seek unceasing war against your enemies, and kill or enslave those that oppose you. Acquire territory and living space. Destroy elves, their homes, and their lands. Crush the dwarves and take their deep caves for your own. Be strong, and be prepared to show your strength at any moment. Showing weakness is the key to an early death. Those that are too weak to fight for your tribe should be put to the spear. The greatest gift that He Who Watches gave to the orcs was the ability to survive where the weaker races would die. Build your strength in these lands and use them to overrun your enemies.


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