Wandering tribes of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears dwell throughout Faerûn. They are widely regarded as unintelligent and uncivilized, deserving attention only for the sake of eradicating them.

Not all goblins are dim-witted, however, and a few are able to rise beyond their ilk. Stories tell of goblins and, to a small extent, bugbears and hobgoblins who have joined groups of adventurers and accomplished great feats. Like heroes of other infamous races, a few goblins have been able to gain enough renown to be accepted into cities, even if the welcome remains somewhat cold.

Goblins are generally short-tempered and inclined to fits of rage. They lurk in the shadows of civilization, striking at the vulnerable. Goblinoids who separate from their fellows generally remain easily provoked, though they prove less sadistic than others of their kind. Although few goblinoid adventurers are able to profess truly altruistic intentions, they nonetheless welcome any good that might arise from treasure hunting and exploration. Goblins able to overcome the shadows of their heritage often find that standing in the light is much warmer than walking in the darkness.

The dwarven race has more or less declared eternal war on the goblin race due to ancient grudges, particularly involving the fall of the ancient dwarven empires such as Delzoun.

Goblin tribes are scattered throughout Faerûn and usually contain a few hobgoblins and bugbears. Tribes made up mostly of hobgoblins and bugbears are more rare because such groups (when they form) frequently threaten civilization and are summarily eliminated. Goblins are pests, but they usually harass only outlying settlements and lone travelers and are thus left to their foul activities.

Goblins most commonly worship the deity and exarch of Bane Maglubiyet, or Bane himself.


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