Death and Patron Deities

When mortals die, their souls are drawn to the Fugue Plane. Most of this place is flat, gray, bland, and nondescript, with no notable topographical features. The spirits of the dead gather here, usually unaware that they have died. From time to time (anywhere from once a day to over a tenday, depending on the deities involved), the powers send representatives—usually outsiders of the appropriate alignment—to the Fugue Plane to gather the souls of their own worshipers.

Patron Deities
The deities of Faerûn are deeply enmeshed in the functioning of the world’s magical ecology and the lives of mortals. The people of Toril nearly always have a patron deity. After death, followers of a patron deity will be collected from the Fugue Plane by an agent of that deity and are brought to that deity’s own home plane. Everyone in Faerûn knows that those who die without having a patron deity to send a servant to collect them from the Fugue Plane at their death spend eternity writhing in the Wall of the Faithless or disappear into the hells of the devils or the infernos of the demons.

Someone who has chosen a patron deity can be brought back from the dead by all the normal methods, provided that individual is willing to return. The process is somewhat more difficult for someone who did not choose a patron deity in life.

Kelemvor, the god of the dead, eventually disposes of unclaimed souls, trapping them and making it impossible for them to return to life. This process of disposal takes 1 to 10 days. During this time, individuals who died without a patron deity can be raised, resurrected, or reincarnated if the spell that brings them back is cast before Kelemvor deals with the soul. After this time, only very powerful spells such as a wish spell can restore someone to life.

The souls of those who have not chosen a patron deity before their death still have the opportunity to convert to one immediately after the death, as the soul wanders the Fugue Plane awaiting Kelemvor’s call to judgment. However, the conversion must be sincere and reflect their choices in life, or the deity will not accept them. If the soul decides not to choose a patron, the soul is truly faithless and must take its chances with the rest of the unclaimed souls of the Fugue Plane.

Death without a Patron Deity
While most souls wander the Fugue Plane until their deity calls them, the Faithless and the False are compelled to enter the city to be judged by Kelemvor. The Faithless are those who firmly denied any faith or only gave lip service to the gods for most of their lives without truly believing. The False intentionally betrayed a faith they believed in and to which they had made a personal commitment.

All of the Faithless receive the same punishment: They form a living wall around the City of Judgment, held together by a supernatural greenish mold. This mold prevents them from escaping the wall and eventually breaks down their substance until the soul and its consciousness are dissolved. The False are punished according to their crimes in life and serve their sentence in the City of Judgment for eternity.

Death and Patron Deities

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