Council of Wyrms

This ancient council of metallic dragons has been called few times in history. It calls for five of the most respected of the metallic dragons to meet to discuss a great matter concerning dragonkind, as well as ambassadors for the humanoid races.

The gold dragon Protanther called a Council of Wyrms in the Nether Mountains as a response to the activities of the Cult of the Dragon in attempting to summon Tiamat, the Queen of Evil Dragons. The Council discussed whether the metallic dragons should attack the Cult immediately and alone, in an attempt to stop the workings of the Cult as soon as possible, or wait for the humanoid races and work with them.

Ultimately, due to the persuasiveness and concessions made by the Heroes of Skyreach, all five dragons of the Council agreed to work with the humanoids.

Protanther, gold dragon
Otaaryliakkarnos, silver dragon
Ileuthra, brass dragon
Tazmikella, copper dragon
Nymmurh, bronze dragon
Heroes of Skyreach, humanoid ambassadors

Council of Wyrms

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