Black Spider

The one known as the Black Spider ordered the kidnapping of Gundren Rockseeker by the Cragmaw tribe. The Spider gave orders to Iarno Albrek and the Redbrands before their defeat and dissolution. A letter addressed to Iarno from the Black Spider requested the deaths of the adventurers Crag, Dug, Himophilia, and Zerok, who had come to Phandalin and asked around for Gundren.

On questioning of Iarno Albrek, it was later revealed that the Black Spider was a drow from Menzoberranzan, come to the region to seek out the mine of the Phandelver’s Pact.

Sildar Hallwinter later received information from his contacts in Neverwinter that a drow known as the Black Spider had operated as a spy, assassin, and mercenary for the highest bidder in Neverwinter for many years, until disappearing around five years ago.

Alone, Crag encountered the drow within a large dwarven temple inside Wave Echo Cave. The drow seemed to have wanted Crag dead for some time, having placed a bounty on his head weeks ago. Crag managed to flee before the truth was further elucidated.

The four companions would later return to confront the Spider, who revealed his true name to be Nezznar. He revealed great knowledge of the four, including Zerok’s link to the Orc Chef. However, his most initimate link was with Crag – the shield dwarf had killed his son by ripping out his spine, and using it and the child’s skull to create the maul he now carries. It was also revealed that Crag had also killed his lover. Although Nezznar ultimately fled the confrontation, after a great chase he was convinced by Crag’s insults to return and try and kill the dwarf, only to be shot dead by one of Himo’s firebolts.

After his death, the extent of the Black Spider’s dealings was revealed, and he was seen to have had a hand in every dealing that went on in Neverwinter. He was indirectly responsible for the death’s of Dug’s parents, having recruited one of his dopplegangers disguised as a half-elf called Silifrae to recruit Perrin Seaskipper into the Cult of the Dragon, and then forcing the Cult and the Harpers to semi-destroy each other – all for payment from an unknown source – who would remain nameless after the Spider’s death, and seemed to be involved in some sort of conspiracy regarding the very Crown of Neverwinter. He also had a role in seeing Himo disbarred from the University of Neverwinter.

The Black Spider had many secrets, and he would carry most of them with him to his grave.

Black Spider

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