The Stockwood Scrolls

The Maze of Xonthal

Winter, 23rd - 26th of Hammer (Session 2-30)

Laeral hosts private party in companions’ honour to mark their citizenship
Companions agree to travel to Xonthal’s Tower to investigate
Most Exalted Fallskeeper of Eldath, Elah Dumein, challenges Glinda publicly
Dumein admits defeat, gives Glinda gift of Crystal Sphere of Singing Waters, a holy artifact of Eldath
Party gain assistance of Griffon Cavalry to travel to Xonthal’s Tower
Initially try to lay low in town, be indiscreet, but draw lots of attention to themselves when they start messing with the maze publicly. Draws attention from the tower itself, and they see Iskander, the writer of the note, holding up the Blue Dragon Mask before attacking a cultist and fleeing back inside the tower
Recruit a townsman to help them in the maze, a strongman with a micropenis
Enter maze, try various methods to thwart its magic, all of which fail
Find a sundial in the middle of the maze, the shadows of which have some role in navigating the maze
In the maze, fight chuuls, where the strongman is killed, navigate a carnivorous garden, playa. cyclops’ game of throw-the-boulder, and fight a dao.
Still stuck in the maze at the end of the session, frustrated by the puzzle of the sundial


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