Patris Daarendrian

Dragonborn paladin of Lathander


Rust scaled 6’5" male dragonborn, black eyes, of 28 years.


Patris is a dragonborn from the citadel-city of Djerad Thymar and the nation of Tymanther. His childhood name, known only to those close to him, is Firegaze.

He is a blood brother to the druid Getafix Obelix, who was slain whilst investigating the Cult of the Dragon. The two had bonded over a mutual love of nature after meeting many years ago.

He is a Knight-Errant of the Knights of Hammerfall, sworn to hunt the loyal dragonkin – dragonborn who remain loyal to evil dragons, a mission that had brought him all the way to the Sword Coast. He had a giant bat mount named Fluffy, specially trained for him in Djerad Thymar, that took him to Castle Naerytar, whereit was killed by the great black dragon Voaraghamanthar.

He is a paladin of Lathander, focusing on the god’s role as the Morninglord and God of Dawn. Much of Lathander’s philosophy in Tymanther is intermixed with that of Amaunator, god of the sun. Patris has sworn an “Oath of the Ancients”, which Lathander greatly respects and honours as a god of the light.

The oath is simple, and made of four tenets:
I will kindle the light of hope in the world.
I will shelter the light of the world and stand against the wickedness that would swallow it.
I will preserve my own light and delight in the good in the world.
I will be the light.

Patris Daarendrian

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