Bensvelkeargix ("Bob")

Gold dragon who served penance in another's body


Bensvelkeargix’s body is that of a 54 year old half-elf, standing at 5’7" with golden blond hair and deep brown eyes. His pale skin is flecked with gold and the occasional golden scale.

His companions have noted that over their travels the half-elf’s skin has taken on an increasingly gold and metallic hue – usually the mark of a draconic bloodline. Those that see this have begun to assume that he is descended from dragons that interbred with humans at some point in his ancestry.


The half-elf calling himself “Bob” is a mysterious individual, a hermit of the forests, and a man of few words. Little is known about him, and time revealed that he knew little of himself. He awoke as if from a dream in the body of a 14 year old half-elf in 1449 DR, with no knowledge of his past. All he felt was a strong connection to the the dragon god of justice Bahamut, and the feeling that somehow he had to make penance to that god through his actions and devotion to good. For the first fourty years of that life, he contemplated this both as a hermit in the forests, and a scholar of dragons travelling the Sword Coast in pursuit of knowledge of Bahamut and dragonkind. During this time he made the acquaintance of few people outside of the occasional druid, such as Getafix Obelix. Not even knowing his own name, the hermit took to calling himself “Bob”.

In 1489 DR, Bob felt himself drawn to the town of Greenest – whether by the influence of the gods or by a hunch he could not be sure. Finding the town under attack by the Cult of the Dragon, Bob found himself drawn into a grand conflict against the forces of Tiamat, the ancient enemy of Bahamut. During this time he made the acquaintance of a number of other adventurers who would become his allies in this, including Getafix. However, the cost of the conflict would prove high, and Getafix was killed during an assault on the Cult-possessed Castle Naerytar.

Bob’s natural skill with magic has proved a force for the Cult to reckon with over his battles with the Cult, and he personally claimed the life of one it’s Wyrmspeakers – the half-black dragon Rezmir. For this he has been singled out by the Cult as someone they dearly want dead, and attacks have from time to time focused on him. However, his slaying of Rezmir has also bought him and his companions great prestige – such that they became known as the Heroes of Skyreach, named for their public association with the giant-owned Skyreach Castle – prestige that bought them an advisory role at the Council of Waterdeep.

During his quest, Bob often felt a need to cleanse the world of evil-doing monsters and monstrosities, an aim that initially led him to associate himself with the Emerald Enclave, seeing their group as having similar aims in trying to maintain a natural balance. However, Bob ultimately found his views to differ too much from the more conservative Enclave who were more dedicated to balance than any cleansing of ecosystems, and he left the group after they rebuked his actions at the Council of Waterdeep. He has since followed his own moral compass, although he has been approached by the Order of the Gauntlet to join their organization due to his devotion to a god of justice in Bahamut.

Bob’s had shown his devotion to Bahamut multiple times throughout his journey, even going so far as to personally pay for the erection of a small shrine to the Platinum Dragon in the Halls of Justice in Waterdeep. Although it did not occur every time, Bob found that sometimes on these occasions he would be granted a vision, showing him glimpses of his past. Through these visions he learned that he was once a gold dragon, fighting in the forces of Bahamut against Tiamat long ago – but at some point he committed a grievous sin.

His full story was finally revealed to him when he and his companions approached the metallic dragons for aid against the Cult, at the Council of Wyrms. The brass dragon Ileuthra, after reading his mind, revealed his true name to be Bensvelkeargix, and that he was in truth a gold dragon. The flecked gold skin on his body was not the traces of draconic ancestry at all – but his inner nature breaking through. This enraged the leader of the council, an ancient gold dragon named Protanther. Protanther revealed that he had been present at the battle where Bensvelkeargix committed his sin – a sin for which Protanther named him the Betrayer. At this moment, “Bob” felt his history rushing back to him.

The gold dragon Bensvelkeargix hatched in the year -2383 DR in the Marching Mountains of northern Calimshan to parents that were strong followers of Bahamut. Conflict came early to the young dragon’s life, when at the age of 2 a red dragon named Veraasahlian, along with a clutch of his young, reigned fire down on Calimshan, an event which instigated a bloody revolution that brought down the reigning dynasty – and ignited a passionate dragon-hunting fervour in its successors. Bensvelkeargix’s whole clutch and parents fled the Marching Mountains to the east as a result, but he would forever remember the crimes that chromatic red dragons inflicted upon people at that time.

As soon as the yound dragon left the nest he became a constant thorn in the machinations of chromatic dragons, especially reds. After three centuries of constant skirmishing with them, often finding them to be followers of Tiamat, Bensvelkeargix finally drew the attention of Bahamut himself – who placed him under the tutelage of one of his seven celestial gold dragon guardians, an ancient wyrm known as Triakkanos. Triakannos trained Bensvelkeagrix in the arts of leadership, as well as in the appreciation of good and justice.

Around this time, a massive conflict had begun to brew in the eastern land of Unther between the followers of Bahamut and Tiamat which would rage for a thousand years. In -1516 DR, in the middle of that troubling period, Triakkanos was assassinated by a number of chromatic dragons working together with human followers of Tiamat, and Bensvelkeargix took his mentor’s place at the side of Bahamut and at the head of his mortal armies. At the age of 867, he was the youngest gold dragon to ever ascend to the role of one of Bahamut’s seven. Bensvelkeargix went on to lead Bahamut’s armies for almost five hundred years with a cunning and deftness that earned him great accolades from his master.

That is until the year -1071 DR. Whilst leading a strike against a group of Tiamat worshipers in a great conflict in the eastern land of Unther, Bensvelkeargix fell in with a human cleric of Bahamut who was unknowingly the descendant of some of the same Tiamat followers that had been responsible for Triakkanos’s death five hundred years prior. Upon catching the scent of his mentor’s assassins, Bensvelkeargix flew into a rage and slew the goodly cleric. Bahamut, furious at this betrayal of justice committed at the hands of one of his personal guardians, placed Bensvelkeargix’s soul into a slumber, so that he might have time to consider his misdeeds. He would be reawakened at a time when he would have a chance to redeem himself by fighting against Tiamat’s followers once more.

That time would come far later than Bahamut intended, for he was greatly weakened when he and Tiamat fought later that year in the Untherian skies, a fight that saw both their avatars destroyed and their power as deities significantly limited for over two millenia – a fact for which Protanther, who was present at that battle, would blame Bensvelkeargix, who had previously led Bahamut’s armies. As a result, Bensvelkeargix was not reborn until 1449 DR, Year of the Godly Invitation, when he was restored into the body of a recently slain 14 year old half-elf – only a handful of decades after Bahamut’s power had partly been restored to him.

With Bensvelkeargix’s memories now mostly restored to him, he is fully aware that in order to reclaim his place by Bahamut’s side he must prove his devotion to justice. As such, in front of the Council of Wyrms, “Bob” swore to follow the Ptarian Code – the ancient laws set down for the seven gold wyrms that serve Bahamut to follow. This won him the respect of Protanther and the other metallic dragons at the Council, as well as a new path. Bensvelkeargix now knows that preventing the arrival of Tiamat into the mortal world is not enough to restore his place by Bahamut’s side – any one of his companions could potentially do this, but they would not be worthy of such a role. To be truly worthy of his gold dragon heritage and his role as one of Bahamut’s Seven, Bensvelkeargix must defeat the forces of Tiamat – while upholding the Ptarian Code.

Bensvelkeargix ("Bob")

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