Glinda Battlefate

Tiefling cleric & high priestess of Eldath


A tiefling girl of 25 years, with purple skin, short pointed horns and a long purple tail. She wears white plate armour with a blue waterfall like sash emblazoned with the symbol of Eldath, and is often seen accompanied by an animal of some form – usually a mouse, duck, or horse – though of late even a vole or seal.


This young tiefling was born with the name Grihala in the far eastern nation of Aglarond, the child of a tiefling man and human woman from Thay. In Thay, the dark and forbidding neighbour of Aglarond, her parents has been persecuted as slaves by the Red Wizards. Glinda never knew her father, Xarreus, who helped her pregnant mother Cedrine escape slavery and then stayed behind to cover her escape to Aglarond. Grihala’s mother died when she was only five years old, having never really found true peace after the death of her husband. Although she had been taken in as a refugee, having a tiefling daughter meant that she was distrusted and forced to live in the outskirts of society. One day a bandit raid attacked one of these camps, where many tieflings found refuge, and Grihala was left an orphan.

Grihala does not talk much about the next eighteen or so years of her life, but they were assuredly dark times. In 1487 DR, under unclear circumstances, she met Ontharr Frume for the first time, a righteous paladin of Torm and member of the heroic organization the Order of the Gauntlet. At this meeting the two formed a lifelong bond, and although the paladin soon left for his homeland of Elturgard Glinda would not soon forget him.

Later that year, Glinda found herself in an especially dark time in her life. She wandered near to a natural pristine waterfall deep in the forests of Aglarond, feeling that her life may well be at an end. It was then that the tiefling was granted a vision by Eldath, the goddess of peace. Eldath showed Glinda that it was still possible to find inner peace, and for the first time in a very long time, Glinda was able to hope for a better future. The tiefling pledged herself to Eldath, in that she would serve her as one of her clerics. It was at this time she took the name “Glinda”, as a symbol of her rebirth.

However, before long Glinda discovered that the path to inner peace for her would not come from quiet inner reflection. She recalled the strength and heroic righteousness of Ontharr Frume, and wondered how she could reconcile that with Eldath’s view of peace. In order to find her own truth and inner peace, Glinda decided to set off out into the world, in an effort to make the world a better place, as Ontharr Frume did – but doing it through the spreading of peace, as Eldath commanded. Thus Glinda became one of Eldath’s “Freewalkers”, or adventurer-priests.

After a journey of multiple thousand miles which she took alone with her faithful steed Horse and her pet mouse Fyfel, Glinda finally arrived in Elturel, where she planned to meet Ontharr Frume. There she first encountered Grob Panzer, Bob, Lucky Charmer, Princess Fluffypants, and Getafix Obelix, who would become her future travelling companions. When she was reunited with Ontharr, the paladin revealed that he had the perfect quest for her – to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon, who were raiding throughout the Sword Coast and causing chaos and destruction wherever they went. She was to discover exactly what they were planning to do, and where they were hauling the vast amounts of wealth they were looting. The other five were similarly recruited, being contacts of one of Ontharr’s allies, a half-elf Harper monk named Leosin Erlanthar. Thus the six companions started their journey, and Glinda began her quest to seek a return to peace in the Sword Coast.

That quest has taken her through numerous trying circumstances where Glinda’s faith in Eldath has been tested. Over the course of her battles against the Cult of the Dragon, Glinda has been forced time and time again to consider what “bringing peace to the world” truly means. However, since the beginning of her quest to return the Sword Coast to peace, Glinda has found herself greatly elevated in the public eye, having become known as one of the Heroes of Skyreach after she and her companions famously descended to Waterdeep off a flying giant castle – and Glinda has not been idle with her newfound fame.

It was upon seeing the way of life many of the women of Waterdeep had been forced into by their situations – that of prostitution – that Glinda began to see her path unfold. She began a campaign of pulling these women out of their circumstances and giving them the chance to build new lives. Almost universally these women saw Glinda as a sort of saviour, and began to call her the “Bringer of Peace”. They named themselves the Peacewalkers, a movement that consisted of bringing peace to the Sword Coast through the spreading of the word of Eldath.

The Peacewalkers and the Heroes of Skyreach are not the only individuals of meaning to Glinda however. She struck up an immediately passionate relationship with a farmer named Otar Grayhorn who lived just outside of Boareskyr Bridge. Though the two did not spend more than a night together, they formed a great bond. Glinda later met the Zhentarim mercenary Darthan, a brutal criminal whom she hoped to reform. Darthan was clearly sexually interested in her, to a point that Glinda had to get away from him so she turned him over to Leosin Erlanthar, in hope that the monk would know someone to help rehabilitate the broken man.

Glinda is also a friend to animals, having kept many over her time. She brought with her from Aglarond her faithful steed Horse, her pet mouse Fyfel. Horse still occasionally travels with her, but Glinda put Fyfel to peace after he became distressed on the blowing of the Draakhorn. The tiefling cleric has also gathered other pets during her travels, such as Archibald, aka Felix, her pet giant frog tadpole who she took from Castle Naerytar and placed into a waterskin of blood and later sent off to Greenest to the care of the Cereal Killers. A second pet mouse, Yakult, was a gift from Dagult Neverember, which she eventually passed on to the eladrin Soveliss to keep him from loneliness. Later, she had Groβ capture a seal for her from the Sea of Moving Ice, which she named Celia, which has since been placed in the care of Laeral Silverhand. She requested a gift from Leosin Erlanthar not long later in the form of a vole, which she subsequently named Vulva.

However, the strangest of Glinda’s “pets” is the guardinal known as Havarion. Taking the form of a duck whom Glinda named Howard, Havarion is actually a celestial being who was psychologically damaged by the great trauma of seeing the priestess he was supposed to protect be brutally murdered. The guardinal believes that Eldath has guided him and Glinda together so that they may help each other find true peace, and as such he consents to travel with the cleric.

Glinda Battlefate

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