Evendur the Tethyrian

A pacifist wizard descended from a dragonslayer


A human male of Tethyrian descent.


Evendur is a reclusive Tethyrian who abhors violence, and prefers to spend his time in contemplation of the infinite and the Weave, and takes a special interest in magic of the Abjuration school.

He is, however, a descendant of the famed dragonslayer Stedd, and this drew him the ire of the group known as the Cult of the Dragon, who tried to have Evendur killed. Realizing Tethyr was no longer safe for him, Evendur fled north, hoping to find refuge in the small town of Greenest. However, the town was attacked by the Cult along with a fully grown blue dragon only days after his arrival, and the wizard found himself trying to defend and rescue it’s townsfolk with the aid of a haphazard group of companions.

Realizing fleeing further from the Cult would only get him so far, and that his companions had more brutal methods than he himself preferred, Evendur decided to try and infiltrate the Cult and discover what he could about them from the inside.

Evendur the Tethyrian

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