Tiefling bard killed in the assault on Greenest


A tiefling of only 18 years with deep purple skin and orange eyes, standing at 6’. He only had a single horn on his head.


The young tiefling bard named Baraxis “Awesome” “Unicorn Wizard” hailed from Amn. He was a talented bard that could play many instruments including the key-tar and bagpipes (which he bought off the half-orc Groβ) and he was also known for his extravagant costumes. An exuberant spirit, his vigor and energy flowed through his music to all he met during his travels.

Baraxis was was travelling to Greenest in search of his childhood friend Talis after he was informed she had been kidnapped by dragon cultists by another friend from his past, the half-elf Lucky. Upon arriving in the town, Baraxis was caught up in a raid on the town by kobolds and bandits, and was slain by a bandit’s scimitar while trying to flee to the relative safety of Greenest’s keep. His death was not in vain however, as he helped almost a dozen townsfolk to get to the keep at the risk, and eventually the cost, of his own life.


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