The Stockwood Scrolls

Aboard Skyreach Castle

Autumn, 23rd & 24th of Marpenoth (Session 2-13)

After receiving useful information from Talis, the gallant party of adventurer’s board the flying castle of Blagothkus. They soon learn that the castle is headed towards the Well of Dragons, where they will certainly meet their demise. Loose plans to escape the castle prior to it reaching the final destination are made, however a more immediate plan is demanded by Glinda. Notions of killing Rezmir are raised, as is a scheme to get the wealth of Cult of the Dragon. Bob and Patris appear particularly invested in killing the Red Wizards onboard, thought their motivations are largely unclear.

Eventually the dragonwing cultist Jambar Zakhael returns and he is asked many questions about the castle. He unwittingly reveals many things, including the presence of a vampire that stalks the castle at night. The adventurers are told they will meet a swift death should they come into the contact with the vampire, and are strongly advised to remain indoors after dark. The adventurer’s glean all they can from the dragonwing before he leaves them be.

Once left alone, Glinda casts clairvoyance into the red wizard rooms, books, scrolls, vials, horse head and 4 hulking gargoyles in the middle of the room. Two men also stand in the room in red cloaks, talking in a language that she cannot understand – Thayan – though she vaguely recalls her mother speaking it previously.

Lucky moves forward to listen at the door and also hears the two men speaking. He can make out the voice of Azbara Jos, the Red Wizard who mocked Bob at Castle Naerytar), though is unfamiliar with other voice. From what Lucky can gather there is a heated scholarly debate taking place regarding the preference of evocation magic versus illusion magic. Lucky eventually overhears that the unfamiliar voice belongs to a Wizard known as Rath Modar. An initial plan to wait for the night and murder them in their sleep is rejected, as Glinda has told the party that there are no beds in the room.

Lucky continues to scout around the area, all too aware of the many beasts present in the castle, including the skulking vampire, stone giants, ogres and a cloud giant. The adventurers feel unsure how to proceed and fall into useless conversation. Bored and hungry for action, Groβ goes off to play pool with Jambar for a while.

Patsy fearfully rejects a gentle suggestion from the party to move out into the courtyard, knowing all too well what fate would befall him should he go.

After some more tentative scouting, Lucky spots giants in a nearby room. One seems to be cooking at a cauldron while another female giant watches. Bob feels the need to bore the party with his knowledge of stone giants, explaining how they are largely neutral creatures and following an ‘ordning’. He also reveals that generally speaking giants and dragons are known to not be kinsmen. Thus, he feels it particularly unusual for the giants to be working with the cult.

Discuss aims – kill red wizards, hijack castle, get loot
Decide on killing red wizards – discuss battle plans
Initial plan – two people from the back – Bob and Groβ, Lucky and Patris plan on going through the front for an attack
Fluffy utters magical incantation, Bob and Groβ fly on to landing out the back
The rest of the party readying themselves at the front
Patris, holding Azbara’s spellbook, knocks on the door – an angry voice responds – Patris tries to give the wizards the book
Door opens, Patrice enters with the book, stammers about book
Lucky sneaks into the room
Patris succeeds in deceiving the wizards about how he acquired the book and is then asked to leave, cautiously backs out
Groβ pulls out the first attack, rushing through the illusion and laying the first hit against Rath Modar, takes the first hit, missed his next hit
Lucky moves forwards, takes his hand crossbow to shoot, hits the first wizard, hides
Bob moves in to the chamber, unleashes his scorching fire at Isbarah and hits him with a powerful blast
Fire bursts through Azbara’s chest, who then slumps down to the ground, dead, the light immediately gone from his eyes
Bob turns to other wizard, who is shocked to take another hit of fire
Rath Modar stares wearily at Groβ and Bob, and declares ‘we will meet again’, pulls out scroll and begins to chant, Bob quickly tries to counter the spell, it disintegrates in the Red Wizards’ hands. He drops the ashes of it and tries to move away from Groβ, who strikes him heartily with his axe as he moves away, burying it in his shoulder to prevent him from moving.
Fluffypants comes into the doorway and blasts Rath Modar with flame, the flesh of his face melts from the bone before he collapses to the ground.
Groβ moves to strike the gargoyle that has animated, cuts a chunk from its chest
Lucky shoots the gargoyle with his light crossbow, successfully lands a hit, gargoyle is hit but seems nonplussed
Bob sends a fireball towards the gargoyle, who is hit
Patrice moves towards the gargoyle and hits at him with the war hammer, misses both times
The gargoyle claws angrily at Groβ, successfully biting at Groβ’s neck
Glinda attempts to send fireball the gargoyle but misses, Fluffypants attacks successfully twice and the gargoyle dies
Lucky tries to stab at the other gargoyle but nothing happens

At Groβ’s insistence the door is closed and Fluffypants detects magic
Bob and Lucky are looting the bodies
Lucky begins to forge a ‘do not disturb’ note at Gros’ request
Fluffy detects magic on the scrolls, book and staff
Bob identifies staff, which he discovers to be a staff of fire, he laughs gleefully

‘Beyond the Iron Gates’ – Glinda looks at book with hellish symbols written in Infernal, determines that it’s not trapped, asks Lucky to carefully open book
Book flips open and instils the party with a sense of foreboding. The group decide to put it away for now.

Bob and Lucky find notes – Rath Modar – notes suggest he was very high ranking – he seems like the leader
‘Traitor of Thay – many angry words implying death – from Szass Tam
Many Red Wizards at Well of Dragons – from a Wyrmspeaker
‘A full flight of dragons with Tiamat herself leading them will attack Thay’
After some discussion and hesitation, Glinda declines to read it and the party wrap the book up
Groβ cleans the room of the signs of battle, while the others search the room

Advance up to the next room, Lucky has heard sounds of drakes, tries to listen at door but doesn’t hear anything
Groβ makes out the sound of guard drakes moving around
Glinda casts clairvoyance inside door – large bed in one corner, desk in another, iron banded chest atop desk, Rezmir sits in the room, in front of her are 2 loyal guard drakes, room is 25ft x 35ft

After discussing battle plans – Glinda gives Lucky her blessing but despite his best attempts he cannot unlock the door
The party regroup and discuss a new plan – we need to know how to get into the room
Hide around the corner from Rezmir’s room, Lucky knocks on the door with his mage hand and calls a rude message to Rezmir as if he were Rath Modar, Rezmir is unimpressed
Lucky’s mage hand opens the door

The party spring into action
Lucky cautiously readies his crossbow, Groβ angrily calls for him to march into battle
Aggravated, Gros insists that Bob runs into the room, Bob is still cautious but moves forward to aim an attack
Bob successfully hits Rezmir who screams curses at him
Rezmir throws acid at Bob, the acid seeps into his fleshy skin, Lucky smugly taunts Bob and Gros reminding them of the safety of being outside the room
Fuffypants casts a hex on Rezmir, then sends Eldrich’s blast towards the drake, landing 1 hit on the drake
Groβ contemplates jumping towards Rezmir, but ends up running past the drake, who snaps towards Groβ but misses – the magical rug which was sitting on the floor wraps tightly around Groβ, who is wearily grappled by the rug
Groβ responds by angrily stabbing at the rug, landing a solid hit against the magical item which drops to thread
Groβ stumbles to his feet and advances towards Rezmir, who is angrily shouting insults
Patris lands a striking blow against one of the drakes, slicing it in twain, Groβ demands that he eats the drake in memory of Getafix, but Patris silently ignores him
The other drake lashes at Groβ but misses
Glinda snaps the remaining drake out of existence for the remainder of the battle
Lucky lays a hit against Rezmir and then hides
Bob casts blight against Rezmir, and instantly the light goes out of her eyes. However, instead of falling down dead, her body disintegrates into ash that scatters across the room – Rezmir is dead
A chest in the corner of the room disappears as soon as Rezmir turns to ash
The party begin to loot the room and clean up after themselves

Chest disappears as soon as Rezmir turns to ash picks up the sword, which begins to whisper evilly inside the half-orc’s head, who seems to drink in the bloodthirsty words
The party stare at him wearily as the voice of the sword penetrates his thoughts
Sword is called Hazirawn, which claims ‘I am death’ – Groβ seems overcome by the power of the sword, tosses the sword and shield aside, brandishes the evil sword and screams towards the sky
Groβ is now attuned to his new sword Hazirawn

Lucky and Glinda go back to Rezmir’s room, Bob and Patris go to the guest room and prepare it as if others are sleeping, Fluffypants and Gros are in the Red Wizard’s room
The Kobolds come on their rounds to visit the different rooms, after profuse bluffing nothing of note occurs

Party reconvenes back in the guest room at 5pm, a couple of hours away from sun down, Groβ fondly reflects on his successful pool game
Eventually further exploration is decided on
The party comes across a door which they unlock, appearing to come across a pantry room with vast amounts of food
Glinda bestows the gift of pass without trace on her party to quieten their progress, despite falling down noisily as she casts her spell
Groβ continues to seductively stroke his sword, muttering to himself
Lucky goes forwards, moving through tunnels with ice embedded into ice – coins, kobolds, livestock
Three passages – stairs, incline up, path ahead
Party stealthily moves through the slight incline upwards until a fork occurs to the north and east, deciding to follow the kobold tracks
It’s thought that this part of the iceberg has been slowly formed by an ice dragon

Glinda reluctantly takes the lead as they move through the tunnel, which leads directly to a massive white dragon, after nervously fumbling a response to the dragon’s hostile greeting it becomes clear that a fight is about to be upon the party
Bob tries to talk reason with the dragon, explaining that Talis has sent the party to remove Rezmir, provoking the dragon’s hostility – the battle is afoot
The adventurers begin to spread through the caverns
Glinda tries to speak to the dragon, called Glazhael, but she cannot reason with the enraged beast
The dragon opens its mouth, blasting icy breath all over Patris, Patris is struck down as the icy breath petrifies his muscles, the cold seeps into his bones as he slowly succumbs to icy death
Lucky valiantly takes aim at the dragon, landing a bolt directly into its head, angrily screaming scatological profanities at the adventurers
Glinda casts Eldath’s healing power upon Patris, who is comforted but still lines prone
Glazhayel bursts through the walls towards Lucky, screaming and gnashing at Lucky, snapping and biting laying painful attacks on Lucky
Bob moves across the cavern, readying himself for battle
Lucky casts illusory images around him, in an attempt to confuse the dragon
Hazirawn goads Groβ into action, who responds by charging at the dragon
Groβ lands a fierce hit upon the dragon with his mighty, mystical blade, blasting the dragon with necrotic damage
Groβ gleefully casts his blade upon the mighty dragon again, cleaving a critical hit deep into the dragons scales
They roar fiercely at each other, before Gros passionately declares his love for his blade
Glinda hesitantly moves closer to her besieged party
The dragon roars and declares its might, instilling fear into the hearts of the adventurers
Lucky, Glinda and Bob manage to overcome the fear that is in their hearts, while Gros and Patris become petrified
The dragon grins evilly towards Groβ plotting the half-orc’s bloody death
Bob moves towards the dragon, as lances of scorching ray shoot out towards it
The dragon beats its mighty wings at Gros, attempting to knock him down, however Gros cannot be felled and remains on his feet
Lucky heroically draws his poison dagger, attempting to stab the dragon in the name of his love Talis
At the cries of her fellow adventurers, Glinda advances trying to bring Eldath’s flame upon the dragon with no luck
Groβ comes forth to lay another damaging blow upon the dragon
An icy blast freezes Groβ’s bones, painful freezing blasts stopping him in his tracks
With a truly underwhelming stammer, Patris slices into the dragons neck
Patris’ hammer is brought down upon the dragon as the light flickers from his eyes
Groβ is reduced to a frenzied mess, wishing that he’d laid the finishing blow
Lucky begins burrowing through the dragon’s scales, searching for its heart, which he eventually procures
Glinda prays for the soul of the dragon and then gently heals Groβ
Gros attempts to detect magic in the stack of treasure while the others begin to burrow through it, a magical presence is felt
After many hours, Bob’s flames make its way through to the treasure beneath, the bow ‘Stormcutter’ is found, leather armour is handed to Lucky that is engraved with symbols of the primordial of fire Kossuth, as well as a dwarven warhammer that can sense where the surface is, a “Dardoun”.
Bob picks a pair of bracers from the pile, as soon as he wears it he feels an immediate need to be clean. They are engraved with the name of a legendary hero named Valdenn the Glorious.

The next plan is discussed while Boo scouts the tunnel area
The party stealthily makes their way back to Patsy and regale him with stories of their heroism, before deciding to rest up for the evening
Groβ’s sword tries to incite him to murder the paladin for stealing his kill, Groβ in turn considers it
Knowing that the vampire is stalking through the castle the adventurers sleep poorly, but they do manage some sleep
Bob, Glinda, Groβ and Glinda stealthily approach the stone giant’s room, deciding to try and talk with them
Lucky approaches them cautiously with a friendly greeting, seeking counsel with their leader Blagothkus.
The female invites Lucky inside to speak with them, Lucky explains that the adventurers were following the stolen treasure and then discovered the treasure was being guarded by the dragon
The female giant seems sceptical of their intentions, as they explain the party is trying to come forwards diplomatically
The giants are unsure of the adventurer’s words and as the adventurers are ousted as trespasser’s, the giants become wary of them
Groβ wants to know why the giants are helping a dragon
Despite putting in their best efforts, the adventurers cannot convince the giants to help and leave respectfully


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