The Stockwood Scrolls

Escape from the Drow
Summer, 19th-25th of Elesias, 1490 (Session 3-1)
The Rise of Tiamat
Winter, 19th of Alturiak (Session 2-32)

Having secured an entrance into the Well of Dragons with the help of their Zhentarim allies, the companions pondered their next move. The lava corridor they stood in, at least according to Cylanestriel, had been used to funnel prisoners into the extinct volcano, and it was soon agreed that they would try to find and rescue those prisoners if possible, and prevent them from being sacrificed in Severin’s ritual. The group bade the Zhentarim assassins to loop around the volcano and find another entrance, so that they might distract the enemy, and possibly even locate the Shard of Azharul, the Dragonstaff of Aghairon, or some high-ranking cultists to assassinate.

Surveying the corridor for signs of tracks, the companions quickly ascertained that the prisoners had been moved up the northern of the two pathways in front of them, and so set off in search of them, Lucky scouting ahead. It didn’t take long before they found themselves in front of a large chamber filled with human refuse, more than a dozen corpses scattered amongst it. Searching carefully, the group discovered a fifteen year old boy hiding amongst the corpses. His name was Stirleng Bowman, and he claimed to be a prisoner taken from Hill’s Edge months ago by the Cult of the Dragon, and had been kept in this room since, along with about three hundred others. Only a few hours ago, cultists ferried the other prisoners out of the room, although Stirleng managed to fool them into thinking he was dead, and evaded them – though his entire family was taken away, but to what he did not know. Bidding the boy stay and hide where he was, the group advanced further down the corridors.

In a different section of the lava corridors, Lucky came across a couple of luxuriously furnished rooms, which he guessed belonged to members of the Red Wizards. A magically trapped chest was dispelled by Princess Fluffypants, revealing within the diary of one Vengal Nahumon, the leader of the rebel Red Wizards. The diary revealed Nahumon to be a powerful conjurer, until recently still loyal to Thay, having risen through the ranks in the favour of Szass Tam himself after he personally handled a number of slave uprisings in the province of Lapendrar, by a number of tactics including poisoning the water. The time period correlated with the time that Glinda’s father, a tiefling Thayan slave, had been killed in such an uprising. The diary also detailed the approach to Nahumon by Rath Modar and Galvan Modar, later known as Galvan the Blue, for the tomes on summoning infernal gods known as Beyond the Iron Gates, which he had inherited from the former zulkir of conjuration. Nahumon then allied with the Modars, agreeing to assist them from within Thay until the time of Tiamat’s arrival.

However, that plan was thrown into disarray with the death of Rath, leading Nahumon to abandon his post as the Tharchion of Lapendrar and travel to the Well of Dragons, where he engaged in a large dispute with another Red Wizard who also wished to take over. After two months of infighting, Nahumon eventually succeeded, and took over as the leader of the rebels Rath had assembled. He altered Modar’s plans significantly to fit in more with his own specialty in conjuration magic, further linking their ties with Zariel, and deepening direct contact with Tiamat herself, even going so far as to obtain a Shard of Azharul from her, enabling him to create an infernal ward around the Well of Dragons. The diary describes a man more capable and perhaps even intelligent than Rath had been, if perhaps less visionary and ambitious. Along with the diary, the companions also found a potion of supreme healing, a potion of longevity, and the second and final volume of Beyond the Iron Gates. Both volumes of Beyond the Iron Gates now attained, it became clear that the books detailed how to summon a god from the Nine Hells, using a ritual sacrifice of over a thousand people.

Moving on from the Red Wizards’ chambers, the companions came to a twisting crossroads where multiple shuffling tracks, presumed to be that of prisoners, had been left. Soon enough, five cultists dressed in full ceremonial regalia approached, leading ten prisoners, looking weak ands starved. The companions ambushed them with ease, and sent the prisoners back to the room Stirleng had been hiding in. As they pondered their next move however, they were ambushed by a wight in black plate armour, who revealed itself to be Naergoth Bladelord, who claimed the Well of Dragons to be his domain. He put up a fierce battle whilst calling for reinforcements, coming in the form of five more cultists and a couple of guard drakes, but the heroes won the battle with relative ease. The two chambers ahead of them turned out to hold a total of over 400 prisoners. Glinda appealed to Eldath to teleport them out, but the goddess did not intervene. The heroes bid the prisoners again to hide where they had left Stirleng, and after a short rest decided to proceed forward, towards the volcano’s caldera.

The Vision
As the companions headed up the passage towards’ the centre of the Cult’s volcano lair, suddenly each is wracked by a terrifying vision. In it, ten piercing draconic eyes glare at them out of a hellish, swirling darkness, where each is totally and utterly alone. The eyes slowly move towards them, and as they come into the light you see that they belong to five dragon heads, coming off the body of a gigantic red dragon like they would on a hydra. The gaze of Tiamat herself is directly upon each individual, staring into their soul, turning their blood to ice. The fear is heartstopping.

When Tiamat speaks, each word is uttered with such power that each companion feels their body shake with the weight of hearing it. Each of her five dragon heads speaks to each individual in turn. “Puny mortal. You are too late to stop me. In mere moments I will enter the world and destroy all that you know and love. Yet your efforts have amused me, and I will allow you a chance to live on. Throw down your weapons and denounce the fight against me, and I will grant you wealth beyond knowing – and your life. Defy me and dare to enter my domain, and I will destroy you.” The Dragon Queen’s threatening physique and terrifying presence towers in the vision, radiating with sheer godlike power, awaiting a response.

However, the responses are not what she expects. As the companions level all sorts of profanities and rebukes at her, all her five heads roar in anger, loud enough, each feels, to shatter existence itself. Then the vision simply fades away.

Suddenly a pulse of energy surges through each of the companions, emanating from the centre of the Temple, and a kaleidoscope of colours bursts down the tunnel. The very ground begins to shake, and each knows that the working of magic on a scale each have never seen before has well and truly begun inside the Temple. Racing onwards, the five companions soon find themselves entering the Temple of Tiamat itself, brought across planes from the hellish realm of Avernus.

The Temple of Tiamat
Once your eyes adjust to the stunning chaos of the place, you see that the interior is a single, cathedral-like space that towers far overhead, with five distinct vaults branching off the central gallery. It looks all the part of being a Temple risen from Hell itself, blackened and infernal looking. Each of the side vaults however shimmers dimly blue, green, red, white, or black – the hues of the evil dragons and their world consuming queen. You note that the colour of the blue vault is less vibrant than the others.

Red Wizards stand in each of the five vaults, one on the ground and one 50 feet in the air above, both channeling magical force into the central apse. There, a kaleidoscopic whorl of arcane energy rises above the blackened floor, stretching up into the twisting recesses of the temple’s central spire – the beginnings of a portal to the Hells, occasionally wavering slightly in bursts of blue lightning. You hear the voice of a Calishite man booming over the roar of energy within this place, far above even the portal itself, his intonations in the infernal tongue filling the entire cathedral. “Dark Lady, the time of your arrival is nigh. Bless us with the power to destroy these interlopers.”

In the distance, about 100 metres away in the blue chapel, you can make out a bald man dressed in blue robes draped around the outfit of a Wearer in Purple, whom you assume to be the Blue Wyrmspeaker and the brains behind most of the Cult’s operations, Galvan the Blue. A similar distance away in the white chapel you can just make out the face of a beautiful woman dressed in white dragonscale armour, the robe of a Wearer of Purple draped behind her. The breath catches in Lucky and Fluffypants’s breath as they realize they have finally caught up with their old friend Talis. Her breath catches in her throat as well, but she assumes a battle stance, spear by her side and icy wand outstretched. From all you have heard, she has thrown herself ever deeper into the Cult of the Dragon since your meeting at her hunting lodge, and the dark, glowering expression on her face shows that she harbours you no good will.

However, you have more immediate concerns. Directly in front of you in the black chapel, standing by the Red Wizards and in-between you and the rest of this infernal cathedral, is none other than the half-black dragon you trailed across the Sword Coast for months, whom you thought you killed in Skyreach Castle, the instigator of the Virgin Square Massacre, the torturer of Leosin, and the killer of Princess Fluffypants – Rezmir herself, dressed in the full regalia of a Wearer in Purple. Just as you witnessed back in Waterdeep, the appearance of the killer of Fluffypants and the instigator of the Virgin Square Massacre has changed. Her scales have grown into jagged spikes and her draconic eyes glow with an iridescent red. She grins cruelly as she assumes a battle stance, and beckons to you, silently daring you to take her on, the blood-red hatred of her eyes focusing directly on Bensvelkeargix.

Time is not wasted, and the companions leap into battle with the hellish Rezmir, who turns herself invisible before focusing her attacks on Bensvelkeargix. However, she is only able to delay the group, for finally they are able to bring down the half-dragon, once and for all. This time, when Bensvelkeargix brings her down with his scorching rays, she does not dissipate into a cloud of ash, but falls to the ground, entirely and irrevokably dead.

While the companions variously focus on the Red Wizards throughout the Temple and Severin himself, whom floats overhead in the chapel’s centre, Lucky and Fluffypants try to engage Talis in conversation, trying to convince her to change sides and see the folly of bringing Tiamat into the world. However, Talis is worked up into a rage at their betrayal of her, and through tears she lets go a torrent of spell after spell in their direction.

The battle rages on for what seems like forever, and in time, all the Red Wizards, including Vengal Nahumon, lie dead. Galvan the Blue and Rezmir the Black also lie dead. Talis, finally having been convinced of the folly of bringing the draconic god of evil and greed into the world, has changed sides to stand with the heroes. Severin remains, having survived Lucky’s explosion of two kegs of smokepowder right in front of him due to magic protecting him. However, the explosion and death of the casters has made the growing portal dramatically unstable. It is not long before Lucky knocks the Crown of the Dragon Queen allowing Severin to stay levitated in the air from his head, sending him tumbling to the ground, where Glinda ensures he meets his end.

However, even with all opposition defeated, Tiamat was not about to let her one opportunity to enter the world go. The magical maelstrom filling the central apse of the temple suddenly splits open with a crack of thunder. The gargantuan heads of five dragons begin to tear and gnash their way out of the runed-lined pit of fire that forms there. Tiamat the Dragon Queen is about to burst bodily from her confinement in the Nine Hells and enter the world.

The five companions known as the Heroes of Skyreach, with Talis by their side, launch volley after volley of attacks at the Queen of Evil Dragons, trying to push her back through the portal. However, she keeps on pushing through, and dragon head after dragon head erupts through the maelstrom of energy to unleash its own attacks on the heroes. However, just as the fifth and final dragon head is about to burst through, Bensvelkeargix unleashes a devastatingly powerful attack that lances a massive blow through the Dragon Queen’s heart.

The wound leaves a deep scar in the goddess’s hide, exploding with divine light. The Queen of Evil Dragons cries out in tremendous agony, her screech all but deafening. As all five of her dragon heads scream and lash about in pain and rage, her body begins to disintegrate, bit by bit. In a last desperate rage, she claws towards Bensvelkeargix, but it is too late. Her claws carry no weight as they disintegrate in front of everyone’s eyes, and the portal begins to shudder and collapse. In a great burst of arcane energy, the portal gives in on itself, and what is left of Tiamat is dragged through it, screaming and raging. You hear her emit one last howling roar, filling your ears with hatred, as you watch the mighty Dragon Queen being hurled back to her domain in Avernus. And then, the dread goddess of Tiamat is gone from the world. 

Now the five companions stand alone with Talis in the battlescarred Temple of Tiamat, their quest finally complete. They will be known as the heroes who defeated a god, who led the peoples of the Sword Coast to victory against their enemies, who united leaders thought to be un-unitable. Their stories will become legend, and for generations folk will look to their exploits and sacrifices for inspiration, as they rebuild and set their sights on better days.

After the dust has settled, there is still much to do. Leosin informs the companions that their forces at the battle witnessed an opening of the sky above the Well of Dragons, and suddenly the Cult’s forces broke in front of them, fleeing to all corners of the earth. The armies the companions assembled, bruised and battered from the fight, now march on the Well, where somewhere there is an enormous hoard of wealth – and no doubt still a whole lot of cultists and other con-artists looking to get their hands on it before it can be divided fairly, as decided at the Council of Greenest. Very suddenly, the Well of Dragons just became the richest dungeon of Faerun. Furious at their Queen’s destruction, the chromatic dragons have already fled and are on their way here to claim what they can, the metallics hot on their hells.

Although the people of the Sword Coast paid a steep cost in the fight against Tiamat, the situation is far from bleak. The coming together of all the peoples of the region has inspired stirring instances of generosity and cooperation, and trade between nations peaks and brings in a new time of prosperity. A new age begins – where no legend will be greater than that of the heroes that defeated Tiamat herself at the Well of Dragons.

Bensvelkeargix, his destiny in the mortal world finally complete, is allowed to return to Bahamut’s side in Mount Celestia, and reclaim his ancient role as one of the dragon god’s protectors.

Glinda prepares her Peacewalkers for a new era of going out across the world to spread peace and the New Word of Eldath. She herself journeys with them, not content with the life of a head priestess, which she leaves to Lorelei.

Groβ requests of the ancient copper dragon Tazmikella that he journey with her for a time, so that he may learn more of metallic dragons, and continue to hunt the hated chromatics. The dragon consents, and the two depart for the Spine of the World.

Lucky founds a new Adventurer’s School in Waterdeep, and ensures the Cereal Killers are able to safely operate without any more fear of the Shadow Thieves.

Princess Fluffypants returns to the road as a travelling entertainer, her fame all the greater. She takes on Talis as a new member of her band, though heavily disguised to prevent her ever being recognized as a former cultist. She decides to side with Hyrsam over Rellevar, and prevents the dracorage mythal from being reforged – earning Hyrsam’s protection, but the ire of Rellevar and the Court of Stars.

The Battle of the Well
Winter, 26th of Hammer - 19th of Alturiak (Session 2-31)

As the companions ready to finally leave Xonthal’s Tower, with Iskander’s body in the bag of holding, and the Blue Dragon Mask in hand, they find that the remaining cultists in the tower have assembled outside it, ready to ambush them. To ensure their quick and easy exit, the companions snipe at the cultists with their magic and ranged weapons from the top of the tower, killing all their enemies with ease. They then move to exit the maze of Xonthal.

However, when making their way out through the maze, they discover an ancient blue dragon ravaging the town outside. The beast challenges them to hand over the mask or watch the town of Xonthal’s Tower burn under her lightning. After consideration, the companions decide the greater good is to leave the town to burn, so that the Mask may be kept from the Cult, and more lives will ultimately be saved.

In Waterdeep, the companions head to the Lords’ Palace to meet with Leosin, but in the halls outside they are approached by Rian Nightshade of the Zhentarim. Before asking for their aid in negotiating favourable terms for the Zhentarim’s assistance in the battle to come, the tiefling offers them first 50,000 gold, and ultimately 100,000 gold pieces in addition to a few scrolls and potions for their claim on Xonthal’s Tower. The heroes seem disinclined to do so, but ask for more time to consider it.

Moving towards Laeral Silverhand’s chambers, where they are to meet Leosin, the companions see Ulder Ravengard of Baldur’s Gate exchanging stern words with an Amnian woman before he storms off. The woman reveals herself to be Shiran Dannihyr, an emissary of Amn’s Council of Five, who offered a force of 5,000 soldiers to the Marshal in return for his acknowledgement of Amn’s claim on some of the Moonshae Isles – an offer he refused. She offers the same to the companions, but they too turn her down.

Finally entering Laeral’s chambers, the companions discuss war preparations with Laeral, Leosin, and Marshall Ravengard. It is agreed that the heroes will make the final decision, due to their superior knowledge of the Cult and the current situation. They decide to reconvene a final Council three days before the Cult are expected to be ready to summon Tiamat, the location to be revealed in secret closer to the date. With that, the companions each leave to attend to their own separate agendas, knowing that this may be their final chance before they face a god.

When the Council finally reconvenes, the heroes all meet up again, each looking as if a weight has come off their shoulders. Groβ in particular has a totally different demeanour, with a smile on his face, and wearing a white cloak with the symbol of Selûne on it. Hazirawn is the most changed however – no longer a cruel looking greatsword, the half-orc had had it purged of its evil influence by the moon goddess, and now called it Selûne’s Moonshard.

Each of the others also looked a bit lighter, but were hesitant to discuss their business with the final Council before the final battle just about to be underway. For the location, the group had decided on Greenest, and had only informed the top leaders, as well as a few petitioners from Waterdeep who wished to plead their case to the Council. Chief amongst these is Escobert the Red, the Castellan of Greenest’s Keep, who informs the companions that the smaller towns of the Sword Coast are worried that they will receive little back from what was stolen from them, after the larger cities divvy up the loot taken from the Well of Dragons after the battle. The companions sympathise, and promise to see that they are recompensed.

As they ready to enter the Keep’s rooms where the Council is to be held, they are approached by Nyh Ilmicch, the Red Wizard who took them to Thay. “We have prepared the means for you to break the infernal ward guarding the Well of Dragons. The field is created from an energy source in the Nine Hells called the Shard of Azharul. To create the field, we believe that a piece of this shard must be in Vengal Nahumon’s possession. Thus, it cannot be undone without either destroying the source on Avernus or destroying Nahumon’s shard of it. However, the zulkir of conjuration herself, under Szass Tam’s watchful eye, has taught us a how to create individual wards which can protect you from the effects of the field. It borrows of the an energy similar to that which powers the Ward protecting the Well of Dragons, and should shield you from its effects. It is a ritual that will take an hour to perform, and once complete it will last twenty four hours.” Acknowledging this, the companions enter the final Council.

Inside the hall are all the figures present from the previous Councils in Waterdeep, but it has been joined by a few figures not seen before – including a frost giant. Leosin, the silvery dragon Otaaryliakkarnos in her human form, and Cylanestriel, the elven ranger of the Gray Hands rescued from Neronvain in the Misty Forest, are also here. Laeral speaks up: Heroes, you have arrived. May I also introduce to you her highness, Queen Raedra Obarskyr of Cormyr, High Lord Methrammar of Silverymoon, Lady Shadowmoon, High Druid of the Emerald Enclave, and Bergelmir, frost giant and the cloud giant Blagothkus’s emissary. When you are ready, we shall begin." Seemingly all the imporant folk are here, with the notable exception of the dwarven Kings and Queens (save for the former King Connerad Brawnanvil).

Over the course of the Council, the help of the Zhentarim is purchased, along with an agreement that the Zhentarim and other organizations will attempt to work together, for a minimum trial period of a year. The distribution of wealth following its liberation from the Cult is also discussed, and rules are put in place for the fair treatment of smaller communities, as well as equal shares between the larger parties, as determined by how badly they were affected, and how many troops they are to contribute. Finally, the battle plan is discussed. After Ulder Ravengard lays out the current situation, the companions inform the Council that they plan to infiltrate the Well of Dragons in secret, while the larger attacking force draws the Cult’s troops and their allies away. In the volcano, the companions plan to prevent Tiamat from ever being summoned. WIth them, they will take a force of 10 Zhentarim assassins to assist them. They also lay out which forces will attack which of the Cult’s resources, to try and ensure the most clean victory possible. Meanwhile, citizens magically disguised to look like the Heroes of Skyreach will lead the battle, in order to strike fear into the heart of the Cult, raise morale, and ensure their ruse is not realized.

Finally ready to move, Laeral informs the group that the Council have arrayed gifts for them, to ensure their safe return. Dagult Neverember gifts to Fluffypants a shirt of mithral links once worn by an elven hero. Ravengard, in return for Lucky saving his life, gifts him a cloak of displacement. Laeral gifts Glinda a bronze griffon figurine, able to summon her own griffon at will, in recognition of her bond with animals. To Groβ, King Melandrach gifts a suit of magical half-plate armour made from the finest mithral, in recognition of his service to the elven people, both in reuniting him and Corran, and bringing them the head of Chuth. Although Bensvelkeargix, as usual, refuses to come to the Council, Leosin gifts him a wand from Silverymoon, fashioned by a powerful mage and ally to the Harpers centuries ago, a gift the proud gold dragon eventually accepts to help him defeat Tiamat.

Before closing the Council, Laeral makes room for one final speech. “Heroes of Skyreach, you have united a disparate land against the greatest threat any of us have ever seen. Your tales will become legend, and your names will ring out in song across the world. Bensvelkeargix, Glinda, GroB, Mr. Smith, Princess Fluffypants – we honour you.” Each of the leaders in turn takes a deep bow – with the exception of the Frost Giant and the Red Wizard, who both nevertheless nod in your direction.

Following that, the heroes, together with the Zhentarim assassins, have the Red Wizard’s protective ward cast on them, and teleport to the main force near the Well of Dragons, ready for the assault. As the companions sneak off through a magical mist created on a mysterious flute in the possession of Princess Fluffypants, they witness the beginning of the greater Battle of the Well. It begins with the High Druids of the Emerald Enclave chanting as the sky above the armies of the Cult begins to darken. The earth shakes and thunder roars, and simultaneously lightning strikes down from the sky as the earth beneath the Cult’s army is rent asunder by multiple earthquakes.

As the ground beneath them is ripped apart, the cloud giant Blagothkus drives his flying iceberg castle straight in the direction of the biggest congregation of chromatic dragons, and in response they scream into the air towards him. With an earth-shaking cry of “For a New Ostoria!” the giants leap from their castle at the dragons, variously crashing into them with the enormous weapons and hanging on, pelting the dragons from the side, or crashing into the ground and laying into the Cult’s armies, sending them flying. Giants on the other side wade into the battle against them, with a horde of devils by their side, some of which spread their wings and fly into battle alongside the chromatic dragons.

As the earthquakes settle, the armies of the Sword Coast advance on the Cult’s forces, as the metallic dragons scream into battle overhead. Armies of humans, dwarves, and elves, fight alongside for the first time in centuries, as the treants of the Enclave wade into battle alongside them, picking up cultists and sending them flying in the air. The mages of the Arcane Brotherhood, bolstered by the mages of each army, furiously defend against the spells of the rebel Red Wizards, as mageduels break out across the battlefield. Small groups of Thayan Red Wizards, backed by their undead death knights, make their way directly to rebel Red Wizards as soon as they’re spotted, and incinerate them.

In the sky above, metallic dragon clashes with chromatic dragon, as giants on both sides also lay into them, and each other. Bursts of fire and lightning rocket across the sky, lighting it up as you’ve never seen before. It is truly a sight the Sword Coast has never seen. The Battle of the Well has well and truly begun.

Meanwhile, the heroes spend the next four hours travelling under cover of mist towards the Well of Dragons, aiming for the entrance on the rear side of the volcano. They make their way there with ease, and very tentatively slip through the forcefield protecting the Cult’s domain, trusting in the Red Wizards’s magic – which proves true. Then, with the help of their assassin allies, the companions easily dispatch the guards by the gate. The group then prepares for their final assault and entrance into the volcano, which will either save the Sword Coast or doom it…

Xonthal's Tower
Winter, 26th of Hammer (Session 2-30)

Continue through the maze, deal with a talking door, and a giant statue of a balor with a button in front of it.
Finally escape maze, find way to base of tower, teleport it
Find body of murdered cultist, without the dragon tattoos and Tiamat insignias normally seen.
Try navigating the tower’s button system
Teleport to top of tower, fight with the leader of the cultists in the tower, Jorgen Pawl, and his minions. Kill three cultists, take Jorgen and another captive, play them off against each other. Eventually decide to teleport them back to Waterdeep eventually to face trial. Gain key to basement off Pawl.
Have Walkie Talkie investigate a couple of other levels of tower, eventually leave alone
Teleport to basement where Iskander is believed to have fled, find cultist bodies bashed to death by elementals, trail of blood leading off down passage.
Fight against elementals, Bensvelkeargix is killed during battle. In death he sees a vision from Bahamut, telling him the truth of why he was sent into a human body at this time, that Bahamut left him there to ensure he will defeat Tiamat. He also informs Bensvelkeargix that the new laws that bind the gods forbid entry into the material world, and if Tiamat is able to do so, he is not sure what will happen. Bensvelkeargix is told to prevent her, no matter the cost. Glinda resurrects in short order.
Investigate adjacent room, wizard’s labroom with spinning whirlwind. Glinda disturbs it and it turns into a fusion elemental, almost kills everyone, they escape narrowly back into the tower, before resting up and returning to find the elemental has exploded due to its own internal instability.
Navigate up passage following trail of blood, find selves in starfilled area where they can see the cosmos all around them and below the path. Head to a side door, where they find magically trapped bookshelves, which they dispel & disarm. Behind them they find an area focusing a looking glass into the Elemental Plane of Fire, and another area with a glass coffin with a naked body inside – which they believe to be a clone of Xonthal, not yet awakened – meaning that somewhere, the wizard is still alive.
Continue to follow trail of blood, find Iskander’s corpse amongst a room with two glass timekeepers. On his corpse they find the Blue Dragon Mask, and they put both into the bag of holding.
Investigate closet, find a whole lot of magic components
Investigate final room off to side, find a trapped efreeti. They quickly see through its lies however, and do not free it, thinking that it will lash out at them.
They begin to head back up to the main tower, ready to leave, Iskander’s corpse and Dragon Mask in hand, and Jorgen Pawl and the other cultist prisoner.

The Maze of Xonthal
Winter, 23rd - 26th of Hammer (Session 2-30)

Laeral hosts private party in companions’ honour to mark their citizenship
Companions agree to travel to Xonthal’s Tower to investigate
Most Exalted Fallskeeper of Eldath, Elah Dumein, challenges Glinda publicly
Dumein admits defeat, gives Glinda gift of Crystal Sphere of Singing Waters, a holy artifact of Eldath
Party gain assistance of Griffon Cavalry to travel to Xonthal’s Tower
Initially try to lay low in town, be indiscreet, but draw lots of attention to themselves when they start messing with the maze publicly. Draws attention from the tower itself, and they see Iskander, the writer of the note, holding up the Blue Dragon Mask before attacking a cultist and fleeing back inside the tower
Recruit a townsman to help them in the maze, a strongman with a micropenis
Enter maze, try various methods to thwart its magic, all of which fail
Find a sundial in the middle of the maze, the shadows of which have some role in navigating the maze
In the maze, fight chuuls, where the strongman is killed, navigate a carnivorous garden, playa. cyclops’ game of throw-the-boulder, and fight a dao.
Still stuck in the maze at the end of the session, frustrated by the puzzle of the sundial

Thay and the Third Council
Winter, 15th - 23rd of Hammer (Session 2-29)

In the aftermath of the Virgin Square Massacre, the party are rushed by the city guard to Castle Waterdeep to ensure their safety. Not long after they are joined by Laeral Silverhand and her bodyguard Glaevir Sunderstone, themselves fresh from fighting the red dragons that had attacked the city. Rezmir, her high ranking Cult of the Dragon allies, and most of the rebel Red Wizards that had taken part had fled the battle soon after they lost sight of Bensvelkeargix. The assorted forces of the city guard, the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, the Griffon Cavalry, as well as a selection of powerful individuals including the Blackstaff had managed to put an end to the rest of the cultists and a few of the red dragons, but four of the young reds had managed to flee the scene.

As Laeral consulted with her advisors, Glinda and Princess Fluffypants looked exceedingly drained, having being raised from the dead by an elven cleric of Angharradh Lucky had by chance found at the Plinth. Laeral informed them the ill effects of being brought back from the dead should only last about four days, after which they would feel themselves again. During this conversation, the group hear a conversation outside in the hallway, and shortly after the guard showed in Leosin Erlanthar, his face full of regret and remorse. The half-elf monk apologised for his role in their ambush, knowing that Rezmir had tricked him into thinking it was a simple meeting taking place in Virgin Square. The companions brushed off his apology, knowing that it was not his fault.

The conversation shortly turned towards the companions wish to travel to Thay, in order to seek the means to destroy the hellish forcefield protecting the Well of Dragons. Leosin and Laeral both applauded their bravery for deciding on travelling to such a dangerous region, warning the party that they would be beyond their protection there. The Open Lord of Waterdeep wrote up warrants to explain their mission to the Thayans as well as indicate that they were, at least officially, under the protection of the Lords’ Alliance – but she made it clear that Thay would discard them easily if angered. The two explained the current political situation in Thay, the split in the Red Wizards, and a little about Szass Tam himself. Leosin carefully warns the group that any word against Szass Tam could get them in immense trouble. He also warns them to always speak deferentially to those of influence, and always to use their titles when speaking – never just their name. Before long, a message comes from the Lords’ Palace – a Red Wizard is in fact waiting for them there. Before meeting with the Thayan, the group decide to attend to some minor business in town.

Lucky and Bob check in with Narond Arkanfell at Skyreach Arms and Armour, to see how their business is doing. Business is excellent – Arkanfell had managed to use the current environment of building towards war to sell a LOT of weapons. The two collect 14,000 gp in profits over the last two months. They decide on two new ventures to make with the money. 5,000 gp is put into side dealings down out of the business in luxury goods perceived to be hard to get in times of war. The other 9,000 gold they deliver to Jomor Granitebrain, that he could start a subcompany of Granite Investments as an underwriter for adventurers, offering them insurance on their ventures.

Lucky also checks in with Jamna Gleamsilver regarding the Zhentarim’s readiness for war. The gnome informs him that they are ready for war, and that their forces are already gathering in the Western Heartlands – but their payment has not yet been discussed. She believes that her superiors are simply waiting for a more appropriate time to bargain – such as the last minute. The half-elf informs her of his mission to Thay, and tries to convince her to come – but the gnome is very reticent to do anything for free, and refuses. Both like gold a little too much, and again the two go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Glinda checks on the Peacewalkers and has a suit made for Grax. She also has the Peacewalkers look for Naevan Glitterbane, whom she had forcibly renamed Bernadette. It appears the Waterdhavian noble was taking an extended holiday at his family villa two days travel outside the city.

Finally ready to depart, the companions meet with the Red Wizard, a woman named Nyh Ilmichh, at the Lords’ Palace. Nyh proves to be a polite and well spoken woman, who informs them that they are formally invited to Thay, and that they will meet with the Eseldra Yeth, the Tharchion of the district of Lapendrar. When they indicate they are ready to depart, the Red Wizard teleports them to Thay. The companions suddenly find themselves in a windowless keep of black stone, lit by magical lights, the walls covered in arcane runes. Ilmichh welcomes them to Nethwatch Keep. A wight arrives and informs them that the Tharchion is not present and away on business, so the group settle into their quarters, noting that the entire population of the Keep appears to be undead. Their quarters are luxurious however, and the facilities are top notch. Although they suspect the food is poisoned, they find no evidence of such trickery. The Tharchion does not call on them that day, so the companions eventually get some sleep.

16th of Hammer
The next afternoon the Tharchion finally receives them. She is revealed to be a stunning vampire, dressed in lavish blue robes. Ten Red Wizards, as well as a few wight guards look on in the grand audience hall. The Tharchion informs the companions that Thay and the nations of the Sword Coast will aid each other. They are instructed that if the Sword Coast informs Nyh Ilmichh, her proposed ambassador to the Council of Waterdeep, of the Red Wizards actions, then they will hunt them down themselves. She also implies that they can “unmake the magic the rebels make”, but makes no specific promises regarding the hellpowered forcefield around the Well of Dragons.

The vampire then questions the group, targeting her questions at individuals, regarding Severin’s plot and the rebel Red Wizards. They are mostly careful to address Eseldra Yeth politely and deferentially, but they forget to call her by her title, Tharchion, a bit at the start. Glinda also questions her on their policy of slavery, and is given a short answer about the racial supremacy of the people of the Red Wizards, the Mulan. They trade a book on Eldath for a book on Mulan beliefs. The Tharchion eventually calls the audience to an abrupt close, and Nyh Ilmichh informs them they’ll meet again in the morning. They peruse and use the fine facilities, and Glinda asks for a bucket of butter before bed.

That night each of the companions except for Fluffypants has vivid, horrible dreams of being tortured for information by the Red Wizards. GroB isn’t able to persuade them he is telling the truth, and is severely tortured. He is questioned extensively, but his answers don’t satisfy them and the torture gets increasingly worse until he is being eaten alive by ghouls while the Red Wizards heal his wounds. Meanwhile, Glinda simply charms her way through the interrogation, Lucky pretends to be poodle-obsessed and lies (very effectively) about his reasons and intentions, and Bob tells believable truths and the three get through with only fitful sleep, without any experience of torture.

17th of Hammer
GroB however wakes to find himself in a pool of blood, though without wounds, extremely tired, with the psychological trauma of the night, specifically being eaten alive by ghouls, ringing through his head. After breakfast they are guided back to the entrance hall, and met by Nyh Ilmichh and one other stern looking Red Wizard. Nyh informs them that Thay has decided to aid them, and that she will serve as Thay’s ambassador to the council. Glinda asks for a poodle and questions them on the dreams, but Nyh’s answers are evasive. GroB asks about why they didn’t use a zone of truth if they wished to interrogate the group, but Nyh never admits to what happened, instead saying that their ways of doing things are simply different. Once the companions gather their belongings, the Red Wizard teleports back with them to Waterdeep.

The alliance with Thay secured, the companions decide to simply rest up a bit and attend to minor business, awaiting the third session of the Council of Waterdeep, due to take place in six days time.

23rd of Hammer
Six days later the Third Council of Waterdeep meets. When Glinda tries to enter with Grax and Horse, she is prevented, and asked to leave them outside the council meeting with Leosin, who has never been formally invited in for the whole session either. While there, she asks Leosin about Darthan, and he informs her that the mercenary is at a retreat, far away from women, trying to learn how to be a better person.

Laeral opens the Council, and all the councillors start off by praising the companions for securing the aid of the metallic dragons, a massive coup. However, Sir Isteval, Ontharr Frume, and Connerad Brawnanvil appear to be openly uncomfortable with the presence of the Arcane Brotherhood, the Zhentarim, and most of all Thay. Laeral goes on to describe how the Virgin Square Massacre had rallied the people of Waterdeep, and that they were now fully committed to the fight, and she pledged the full resources of the City Guard to the heroes. She also took the occasion to name them full citizens of Waterdeep. After that, the councillors go through one by one, each declaring that they too would give the full support of their resources to the leadership of the heroes, including the Arcane Brotherhood. Thay promises no resources, instead pledging to help ensure the deaths of the rebel Red Wizards. The Zhentarim still don’t promise anything, waiting for the right time to name their price.

Baldur’s Gate and the Order of the Gauntlet are the most hesitant, but eventually Ulder Ravengard decides to fight with the Council purely based on their assessment of the heroes, his own life having been saved by Lucky informing him of the upcoming attempt on his life by the Shadow Thieves. The Order of the Gauntlet however, has the toughest time with their decision, the organization having been split down the middle over whether to side with the heroes due to their abilities and victories, or to stand alone due to the heroes dallying with evil forces such as Thay. Ontharr Frume makes a grand speech about his first encounter with each of the heroes, first with Glinda back in Aglarond, and later with the full group in Elturel six months ago at the festival which marked the eradication of the Zhentarim from that city. He claims that they had already won his heart that day, and he pledges that the Order of the Gauntlet will follow their leadership until the Cult of the Dragon is destroyed, despite the reservations of many within his Order.

The Council finally united, the Councillors then inform the heroes that the war effort is now entirely in their hands. The armies are assembling, with Cormyr and the Order of the Gauntlet being ready to assault the Well of Dragons in as little as 10 days. However, the armies of the dwarves and Luruar are still about 30 days away from the site. In that window, the region will gradually fill with the armies of the Sword Coast, and it is the heroes decision on when to go to war.

Remallia Haventree calls in Leosin, who explains that the Harpers’ intelligence states that Severin needs to first summon Tiamat’s temple from Avernus, and once that has happened the Cult will still need about 20 days to fully complete their ritual. If the ritual is disturbed before then, there is a chance it will still work, but it could also fail, or it could work but anger Tiamat so much that she would turn on the cultists. Severin would be desiring to complete the ritual properly if possible. He informs the group that they are keeping their eyes out for the arrival of the Temple at the Well, which will mean 20 days until Severin casts the ritual (in an ideal situation for the Cult). GroB requests the council investigate magic items for the group to use, Lucky asks for sending scrolls, and Glinda requests more diamonds for her divine magic.

As the session is closing, Jamna Gleamsilver appears at the door and hands a note through to Rian Nightshade of the Zhentarim. Rian reads it out aloud:

“You don’t know me, but we can help each other immeasurably. My name is ”/wikis/Iskander/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Iskander, and I made a terrible mistake in joining the Cult of the Dragon. The cult’s horrifying plans are sure to bring doom to all, but I can stop those plans with your help. Rescue me from
the cult’s clutches, and I will deliver to you the prize of prizes: the Blue Dragon Mask. Without it, Severin faces an insurmountable setback in his effort to call Tiamat back to our world. The mask is here in [[Xonthal’s Tower]], being studied and guarded by only a handful of wizards, including myself."
“The danger of my treason becoming known grows with every passing day, and if I’m discovered, I’ll surely be killed. Please hurry, for the sake of everyone and everything you value.”

The companions and some of the Councillors suspect a trap, so Taern Hornblade casts a divination spell on the message, which reveals that whoever wrote the message believed what they wrote. Taern also offers to scry the individual, but the group decide it is too risky. The Council urge them to go, thinking that despite the risks, the reward of the blue dragon mask is too great to ignore – having the mask might even stop the return of Tiamat entirely.

Taern goes on to explain who exactly Xonthal is – or was. His tower is legendary among the wizards and tale-spinners of Faerûn for its unusual magical defenses, including a magical hedge maze that surrounds it. The wizard Xonthal himself was an extraordinary figure. Beginning as a lowly adventurer, he traveled across Faerûn and beyond, reaching distant Zakhara, Kara-Tur, and even Maztica. His work focused on conjuration and elemental evocation, so he often kept elementals and genies for company. Xonthal prized solitude, so he designed his tower and its surrounding hedge maze to deter intruders and unwanted visitors. Over a century ago, the wizard kicked his apprentices out and sealed the tower. No one knows what Xonthal has been up to in the intervening decades, or whether he’s even still alive. Some think he must have become a lich, while others believe he’s just dead. A ll that’s certain is that the hedge maze remains a frustrating barrier, and the spells and wards protecting the tower against entry remain as powerful as ever.

The party debated – was the risk worth it?

The Virgin Square Massacre
Winter, 13th - 15th of Hammer (Session 2-28)

Using the crystal ball of Arven Llandal of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, Glinda Battlefate had used a scrying spell to divine to location of Rezmir, who had captured Leosin Erlanthar. The Black Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon was revealed to be torturing Leosin in a tower somewhere in the Underdark enclave of Skullport, a hive of villainy within the complex of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. Before departing to rescue their friend and ally, the party pondered how they would get to Skullport. Lucky sent for the help of his fellow Harper and friend of Leosin, a human spy named Tuskar who knew Skullport well. As Tuskar arrived, the team was also rejoined by Princess Fluffypants.

Tuskar explained what Skullport was to the uninitiated: a den of thieves, slavers, and scum of all stripes. Built into the third level of the great dungeon of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep, it was a city without laws, with the only order being reinforced by mysterious magical floating skulls – known simply to locals as The Skulls. Although Skullport was a place where murder was commonplace, the Skulls still randomly enforced edicts of their own choosing, most commonly when violence interfered with the trade occurring in the city, especially that of slavery. Thus, the underground city had become a center for slavery in the Sword Coast, operating less than a day’s travel from the City of Splendors itself. He explained that the Lords of Waterdeep allowed it to exist as a way to prevent such trades leaking into Waterdeep itself, and keeping the city’s reputation as pristine as possible.

The main way into the city was through an underground river system accessible from seacaves underneath Mount Waterdeep, controlled by a powerful group of mages known as The Keepers. However, to get there via such a route would take too long, so Tuskar offered up three alternated routes he was aware of. The first was through the only publicly known entrance to Undermountain – a vertical tunnel in The Yawning Portal tavern which adventurers used to access the great dungeon. However, trekking through three levels of Undermountain would again take too long, so this too was ruled out. The second way was a secret passage known to the Harpers, also existing within the Yawning Portal – behind a secret door in the tunnel’s cellar. The passage had not been used for almost six months however, and was filled with traps and side caverns through which the denizens of the Underdark were prone to travel. The third route was through a whorehouse known as The Blue Mermaid, where the Harpers knew slavers operated. That route however, would be heavily guarded. Ultimately, the group decided to take the second route, and travel through the secret tunnel in the cellars of the Yawning Portal tavern.

At The Yawning Portal, the group arrive to find would-be adventurers swapping stories of their grand adventures, each talking of the great wealth they would one day claim from Undermountain. Lucky decided to bait the loudest of these, a large Illuskan named Grackar the Brave. After learning that the most recent group to descend into Undermountain had been killed by goblins, with only one person escaping, Lucky challenged Grackar to do better. Claiming he never backs down from a challenge, Grackar agrees, and he and his Companions Three boldly descend into Undermountain while the group sneak into the cellars to find the secret Harper passage to Skullport. Glinda challenges Grackar to marry her when he returns, and since he never backs down from a challenge, he agrees.

In the cellar, Tuskar reveals the secret Harper tunnel. Their journey through that tunnel was not without incident. A couple of hours into the eight hour trek, skeletons of a few kobolds were found, skewered by spear traps, and sucked dry of any tissue. Suspecting the work of a gelatinous cube, the companions kept their eyes out for such a creature, and Lucky sent Boo Barry on ahead to scout. The cube was soon found in a side passage, and made short work of. Glinda was sure to pocket some of the cube’s ooze into one of her jars for safekeeping.

Not long later, the party came across a whole community of kobolds, settled in a cavern system that had collapsed into the tunnel. Alerted to the presence of intruders by one of Lucky’s illusions, the red-scaled kobolds prepared for battle. The companions tried threatening the kobolds, and pretending to be Cult of the Dragon members – but these kobolds, members of the Riven Scale clan indicated no allegiance to the Cult, and no signs of being intimidated. In a further attempt to scare them, Groβ Panzer teleported up to the “King” of the clan, Bordak – but this merely provoked an attack from all seventy of the kobolds. Although the kobolds managed to bring him to the ground, the half-orc merely stood up again, and started to cut into them with Hazirawn. Their king, along with six others, was slain, and the remainder surrendered quickly thererafter. Glinda takes a 1 year old kobold named Gracksta from his mother, GroB having killed his father. The kobold is resistant, so she knocks him out, and shortly after she decides to call him Grax for short.

14th of Hammer
The journey down the tunnel continues, and midnight comes and goes. Shortly after the group arrive in Skullport. At the end of the tunnel, Tuskar reveals the locations of some Harper disguises, wide-brimmed hats and masks to shield from the smells of the underdark town, which the group quickly don. Lucky takes the time to resummon Boo Barry as a bat, and sends him off to explore the dilapidated towers of the town, in the hope of finding some sign of Leosin. Knowing that the familiar might find nothing, the companions head into Skullport.

Tuskar explains the major power groups of Skullport, and eventually the group decide to seek out the shield dwarf named Ahmaergo, the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in town. The seek him out at one of the main hangouts of his group, a tavern named The Black Tankard. In the square outside the tavern, the group witness slaves being sold at auction. Glinda considers buying one for a moment, but eventually the companions decide to not draw attention to themselves and they enter the tavern.

It doesn’t take long for someone to fetch Ahmaergo. For a reasonable price, the dwarf reveals that someone matching Rezmir’s description had been seen talking with the lamia Transtra, the owner of the pleasure house known as the House of the Long Slow Kiss, who also owned a few warehouses throughout town and had her hand in quite a few businesses. Thankful for the information, though worrying that the dwarf would arrange for their ambush shortly after leaving, the group swapped up their disguises as they made their way through the alleyways.

Not long after, Boo Barry returned with the information that one of the towers was very similar to the one Glinda had scryed – and it just so happened that this was one of the warehouses belonging to Transtra. The front door was warded by abjuration magic however. In the small square out the front, a small crowd had gathered to listen to a Cult of the Dragon preacher, proclaiming that the return of Tiamat was inevitable. The crowd was soon baited by a member of the companions, which resulted in a brawl between two people in the crowd over whether Tiamat’s return would be a good thing. When one, a half-drow, drew his knife, the crowd suddenly went silent. One of the Skulls had appeared above him, stared at him for a time, and then departed. The half-drow simply dropped his knife, took off his clothes, and wandered off into the street. Amazed, the crowd dispersed quickly afterwards, fearing the Skull’s attention would be drawn to them. Glinda used the chaos to cast a quick clairvoyance spell, looking into the building – and indeed found Leosin. His skin had been entirely stripped from his bones, with large sheets of it simply placed on the floor. The tower appeared otherwise abandoned – but the group decided it might be best to seek out this Transtra before proceeding any further.

On their way to House of the Long Slow Kiss, Tuskar is pickpocketed by a young man, but he is spotted by Glinda. GroB quickly grabs hold of the man, who claims to be just a poor man seeking food, but is clearly lying. He gives his name as Vanzen, and the group decide to take him as their captive, and pretend he is a slave. They blindfold him, bind his hands, and gag him, and Lucky marks him with a smiley face (the temporary mark of their supposed slaving company). With that, the group continue on.

At the House of the Long Slow Kiss, the group are hesitant to enter when they discover they have to leave their weapons at the door, under instruction of the tiefling doorwoman. The house is an extremely expensive place. Although they initially try to pose as people interested in unusual sexual activities, they find the price of gold and a lack of weapons too high to proceed, and they eventually simply request an audience with Transtra – and pay the appropriate price. Only Lucky and Bob enter, and they come to a large, red carpeted room, where the voice of the lamia comes to them from behind a black sheet. The lamia reveals she lent the use of her warehouse to Rezmir, but didn’t know what he planned to do there. When approached about the idea of baiting him back to Skullport, she is reticent, fearing the half-dragon’s wrath.

Dissatisfied with the lamia’s information, the group return to the warehouse. Lucky turns invisible, scales up to the window, checks the room, goes in and puts Leosin (along with his skin) into the bag of holding, then simply returns to his companions. Their mission apparently complete, the group teleport back to Waterdeep, Grax and Vanzen in tow. Entering the streets of Waterdeep once again late at night, the group decide to let Vanzen go. He is told to meet up with the Peacewalkers and try to build a new life for himself there. He reluctantly agrees to “try”, and leaves.

15th of Hammer
As midnight ticks over, the group decide to head for a discreet cleric so that they can get Leosin brought back from the dead. They decide to visit the High Artificer of Gond, the gnome cleric who restored Jamna Gleamsilver’s arm after it had been ripped off by the troll Trepsin. Glinda gathers a few of her closest Peacewalkers, in order to try and calm the half-elf once he recovered from death, expecting him to have some level of trauma. The High Artificer raises Leosin, by he has been maddened by his experience, and immediately begins to claw at his skin, clearly remembering it being torn off by Rezmir. His emotions are calmed with a prayer to Eldath from Glinda, and soon the half-elf comes to his senses.

Leosin informs them of how Rezmir mocked him as she tortured him, mocked him with tales of how the Council of Waterdeep was to be attacked, and the heroes ambushed and killed. She talked of how she was about to go and meet with Galvan the Blue at a silk shop in Virgin Square, and that that was the reason why she now had to kill him instead of torture him more. The companions decided to catch Rezmir at the meeting while Leosin went to inform the members of the Council of the supposed attack that was to occur on them. However, they get some sleep and rest up first in a Harper safehouse.

Once they were rested, the group headed to Virgin Square, a place so named for the stories of virgin sacrifices to dragons at the site in the days of old. The silk shop of which Leosin had spoken was easily found. On the surface it appeared a normal business, but the companions found it quite hard to enter without suspicion. Eventually, after multiple efforts, Lucky, Bob, and Tuskar made their way in, while Fluffypants, Glinda, and Grax pretended to look at the wares of shops nearby. GroB, meanwhile, watched affairs using his spyglass from atop a building on the other side of the square.

Inside, Lucky, Bob, and Tuskar, found Rezmir talking to Galvan the Blue – however, the appearance of Rezmir was just an illusion. It was a trap. Over their heads, they heard the roar of dragons, and out in the square red dragons suddenly appeared and wrought havoc on the townsfolk, as two of them descended on the warehouse. Red Wizards dropped off their backs, as cultists in the crowd revealed themselves and started cutting people down as they made their way towards the warehouse.

GroB quickly escape the scene to try and find help, while Lucky, Tuskar, and Bensvelkeargix took the battle to the few cultists inside the building. Meanwhile, Fluffypants and Glinda, outside in Virgin Square, bore witness to the full extent of the Cult’s attack, as countless cultists and Red Wizards revealed themselves from within the crowd. The tiefling cleric and the half-elven warlock quickly found themselves in great trouble. Fluffypants was taken down by the Red Wizard’s magic, but Glinda quickly brought her back to her feet with a prayer to Eldath. However, now the tiefling was in trouble, and found herself trapped in an alleyway as the cultists bore down on her. Realising she could save herself or make an attempt to save her friend, Fluffypants took what courage she had and went to save Glinda, teleporting into the building next door.

However, Rezmir had anticipated this, and was waiting for her. As Glinda was cut down in the street outside, Rezmir simply chased down Fluffypants and brought her to the ground. Both the cleric and the warlock lay in the street, dying.

Inside the warehouse things weren’t going well either. Tuskar was consumed in the fire breath of a red dragon, and Lucky decided to swill a jump potion and escape as quickly as he good, turning invisible and getting out of there. Bensvelkeargix had his initially attempts at escape blocked by a Red Wizard’s counterspell, but eventually downed a potion of gaseous form and escaped through a crack between the buildings. Though he was hotly pursued by the hate-filled Rezmir, the sorcerer managed to escape.

Tuskar, Glinda, and Princess Fluffypants all died there in the warehouse.

But their allies had not abandoned them. Less than five minutes later, GroB arrived near the street outside along with a cadre of mages of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, and took the fight to the dragons. Virgin Square hadn’t been the only place attacked – more red dragons were reigning down fire on the surrounding region as well, preventing reinforcements from arriving. More and more of the City Watch poured into the area from all over the city, and cut down the remaining cultists, as more powerful mages including Laeral Silverhand herself eventually appeared and fought the red dragons in the air alongside her Griffon Cavalry. The fight was unlike anything Waterdeep had seen.

While the battle still raged, Lucky returned with an elven cleric of Angharradh, the elven deity of fertility, birth, and wisdom, who he had found at The Plinth. As the final cultists were cut down and the remaining red dragons fled, with the griffon cavalry on their tails, Glinda, Princess Fluffypants, and Tuskar were returned to life, gasping. Their quick-acting allies and the tough defense of the Waterdhavians had been their saving grace, as their bodies still lay where they fell. The main attack force had been so consumed with pursuing Bensvelkeargix, or “Bob”, that they had left their bodies unsullied.

However, Rezmir and many of the Red Wizards did not remain behind to see the end of the battle, and had vanished. In Virgin Square 112 people had been killed, and in the surrounding area where the red dragons had been terrorizing, another fourty seven people had lost their lives. Waterdeep would not soon forget the massacre at Virgin Square. However, the Heroes of Skyreach, although some had fallen, lived to fight another day.

Leosin Captured
Winter, 12th - 13th of Hammer (Session 2-27)

The companions continue to question Savenius, the Head Scribe of Oghma about travelling to Avernus in order to destroy the forcefield the rebel Red Wizards had constructed, and once his own knowledge on the specific are exhausted, he advises them to seek out Master Xan, a tiefling warlock who had travelled there many years ago.

Master Xan, now a reclusive monk, tells of how his fellow adventurers were killed infiltrating the fifth layer of the Hells, Stygia, and also advises them on locations in Avernus, dangers, the need for passes, the Abishai and other devils, and how to travel there, including the closed portal in Dragonspear Castle. He also teaches them about the basics of the planes of existence, a necessary short story to explain how he and his companions arrived in Hell (via stealing a Baatorian warship). When asked if he would accompany them on their own journey to Avernus, he resists, having forged a new life for himself since returning. However, when pushed, he reveals that his son was killed twenty years ago by members of the Cult of the Dragon, and Glinda pushes him to help them by playing on his wish for vengeance on the cultists. He agrees to come with them to Avernus, and even cast the plane shift spells necessary to get them there and back.

However, the group jointly decide that travelling to Avernus would be extremely dangerous, and should be avoided if possible. They ultimately decide to approach the Thayan embassy of the Red Wizards to see if they can bring down the forcefield erected by the rebel Red Wizards, which would forego the need to travel to Avernus directly. Glinda indicates severe misgivings, knowing that her parents were slaves of Thay, and her father was killed in a rebellion against Szass Tam’s rule. Nevertheless, she decides to join the group in pursuing their aid, for now. Bensvelkeargix however elects to remain out of the discussions.

As night falls, they find the embassy to be closed, but the companions are granted entrance to meet with the ambassador, a Red Wizard named Dessia Anthai. After they inform him of the forcefield created by the rebel Red Wizards, the ambassador tells them he will inform his superiors in Thay of their wish to meet, and asks that they return in 2 days time. Glinda goes on to question him on the Thayan caste society of slavery, and the ambassador indicates no misgivings about being associated with slaving. He warns her that she is on Thayan soil, and eventually she gives up her attack and the group leave to ponder their next move.

As they are leaving the embassy, Lucky realises he has not received a sending from Leosin today as per usual. They begin to worry when he does not respond, and begin trying to find him. Lucky calls in a favour from Jamna Gleamsilver of the Zhentarim to find out about suspicious goings on around town, and they eventually learn about a suspicious couple of characters hefting a human-sized sack in North Ward. They follow the lead to a ransacked Harper safehouse, where they find evidence of a struggle – and the dead body of Varram the White, his head removed from his shoulders. Leosin was nowhere to be found.

Leaving to follow the trail, the heroes find that one of the sets of tracks is exceedingly large – potentially even the size of a half-dragon. They follow them into the main market square, where they join with a cart and is lost amongst many similar wheel tracks. Going back to follow the other tracks, they find they lead to a rubbish pile, where they find Varram’s severed head. The tracks then head off to a small house in Dock Ward, where four mercenary looking types are inside. Listening in, they are found to be members of the Cult of the Dragon. Groβ heads in and pretends to be a cultist, and eventually convinces them to head back with him to the ransacked safehouse. He also discovers from them that the mission was led by none other than the Black Wyrmspeaker herself, Rezmir – somehow resurrected from the dead.

At the safehouse the cultists are interrogated and Varram’s head is reattached and he is resurrected by Glinda. Having seen Avernus itself, Varram fully wishes to save his soul and commits himself to Eldath. He confirms that it was Rezmir that killed him, and captured Leosin. Around this time, Jamna informs Lucky via a sending that the figure with the sack – now known the be Rezmir, had headed into Undermountain via a little known entrance in Dock Ward – quite some hours ago by this point. Realising finding the half-dragon in Undermountain would be a fool’s errand, the party decided to think of other means of finding her. Eventually they settled on scrying, for which Glinda would need to pray to Eldath, and they would also need to find a crystal ball. Thus, with the sun rising, the companions sought rest, once again at the home of Lady Adarbrent.

Upon awaking, Glinda prayed for her spells and the ability to use Eldath’s power to scry, and the group set of to the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in order to obtain a crystal ball – or the services of someone who could scry. Arven Llandal let Glinda borrow his crystal ball, and granted them the use of a sideroom.

Scrying, Glinda located Rezmir within a tower inside the underground enclave of Skullport. The half-dragon was torturing Leosin slowly, pulling off his skin, all the while mocking him. She was clearly doing it for pleasure rather than information. Knowing their ally was in trouble, the companions pondered how to rescue him from Rezmir’s grasp.

The Hunt for Chuth
Winter, 4th - 12th of Hammer (Session 2-26)

Glinda emerges from the cavern filled with a new energy, and describes how Eldath talked to her at the shrine inside. The goddess of peace had marked the tiefling’s fate as being tied to her own, and had imbued her with new wisdom in order to guide her passage in the difficult times to come. The goddess seemed to believe that Glinda’s choices would directly have an impact on her own fate and the role of the peaceful goddess in the Sword Coast in the time to come.

Not long later, Prince Alagarthas arrives with a cadre of wood elves in tow. When they discover the loss of innocent elven life, one of the nobles, Valderi Matari, lashes out at the group, telling them that King Melandrach would hear of it. The Prince sadly informed the group that this would put new pressure on the King to not forge an alliance with them, as the elves would see that their would-be leaders in the war to come were not interested in saving elven lives. He requested that they travel with them to the elven capital of the Misty Forest, and explain themselves to the King directly.

However, the companions did not want to approach the King empty handed, also knowing that he would not be exactly pleased when he discovered that his son Neronvain was in fact Neronvain the Green, not only alive but a devoted, murdering cultist. They decided to hunt down the green dragon Chuth who had escaped their grasp. They would lure the dragon using Prince Alagarthas himself as bait, knowing the dragon’s lust for royal elven blood.

Travelling deeper into the forest, the companions tracked Chuth to the small elven village of Willandell that he had left in partial ruin, before following him to a cave complex that led towards the High Moor. Entering the caves, they found the ruins of a large battle fought between elves and orcs, fought some time ago. Deciding they would try and lure the dragon into the cavern with royal blood, Lucky scouted ahead down, tracking the dragon whilst disguised as the Prince. Down the passage he found a cave leading down into the Underdark, where a large community of grimlocks had set up. Here the dragon was, having convinced the grimlocks to work for it. Lucky lured the dragon back into the cavern with its grimlock allies, and before long Chuth lay dead.

The companions now travelled to the hidden elven capital of Miyentar victorious. Seeing that they had killed Chuth, a great threat to the elves for centuries, and in fact the murderer of his first wife, King Melandrach formally allied the elves with the Council of Waterdeep and the Heroes of Skyreach, declaring the heroes formally friends to the elves. The night was one of great celebration, with elven music and dancing, during which Glinda blessed Miyentar’s spring. Lucky also talked with Melandrach’s grandfather, Kalimdil, one of the oldest elves alive and the founder of the Kingdom in which they stood. After a night of revelry, the group teleported back to Waterdeep.

Upon returning to Waterdeep, Lucky finally met up with Leosin regarding his induction into the true Harpers. After being questioned under magic spell regarding his intentions and desires, Lucky was allowed to enter the organization’s true ranks, and was introduced to a small group of influential Harpers who operated in the Sword Coast and nearby lands. He was also granted a Harper Pin, allowing him to be invisible to divination magic, along with other benefits.

Lucky and his companions next travelled to the Halls of Knowledge, a great library devoted to the god of knowledge, Oghma. There they met with the Head Scribe, Savenius, in a desire to know how best to approach a journey to the Nine Hells to destroy the forcefield surrounding the Well of Dragons, the power behind which lay somewhere in the first level of the Hells, Avernus. Savenius described various known methods of devil summoning, as well the bare basics of Avernus – a police-state under the archdevil Zariel, who had recently usurped Avernus’s former ruler, Bel. The group began to formulate a strategy which would have them use Bel’s presumed desire to see Zariel weakened by the remaining presence of Tiamat in Avernus, as Savenius informed them that the help Zariel was giving to Tiamat was purely because the archdevil wished to see Tiamat gone from her domain. Bel had much to gain by aiding them…

The Waterfall
Winter, 2nd - 4th of Hammer (Session 2-25)

The adventurers had followed the dragonrider’s trail to its end to find a leafy blue glade, where a pristine waterfall tumbled down a high cliff before emptying into a large pool, its surface obscured by an emerald haze. The sight was quite beautiful to behold, although Bensvelkeargix reminded the group that the emerald haze was a clear sign that this place was lair to a green dragon. Although no obvious signs pointed to anyone or anything residing here, the group were highly suspicious that this was where the green dragon was hiding with its Cult of the Dragon allies.

The five companions spent some time thoroughly investigating the area, most specifically where the water supplying the waterfall was coming from, and where that water went. Eventually, Lucky climbed up the cliffside to look behind the waterfall, and discovered a large cave some thirty feet above the emerald pool below. The half-elf sent his familiar, Boo Barry to scout the entrance, discovering a steep slope descended immediately from the entrance into complete darkness. Lucky thus beckoned for his companions to follow, and before long they all sat in the cave entrance.

The slope down was wet from the billowing mist. Lucky and Groβ decided to go ahead to scout, so the half-elf put on his crampons and descended slowly while the half-orc climbed across the rocky walls with care, after dumping his caltrops at the entrance in case the dragon had not yet returned. At the bottom the slope levelled out into a larger cavern, descending off to the limits of their darkvision. However, only thirty feet away stood four wood elves, dressed in simple cloth garments and carrying longswords by their sides. They would be discovered any second, so Lucky quickly weaved an invisibility spell and made himself still in the darkness.

Groβ however, favoured a more direct approach. He used Hazirawn to cast a detect good and evil, and sensed no strong feeling of alignment from the elves. Having taken no time to hide himself, the elves immediately spotted the half-orc. One of them shouted out “Who goes there?”, as they readied their longswords. Groβ spoke simply and truly: that he was Groβ Panzer, sent by the Council of Waterdeep, and here with the approval of King Melandrach. The elves looked at each other, alarmed, before screaming out the alarm – an intruder had arrived. Groβ, events having not gone the way he anticipated, climbed back up the wet slope towards the cave entrance in a flurry.

Lucky, still invisible, remained behind to follow what was happening. The elves ran back further into the cavern, and before long cultists, started pouring out of a side chamber in response to their alarm. Fourteen of them in total soon stood by the elves, demanding to know what had happened. The elves revealed that they had seen a half-orc claiming to be sent by the Council of Waterdeep, and King Melandrach himself. Meanwhile, three ettins pushed and shoved their way through a small tunnel to the large chamber, massive weapons by their sides, their two heads arguing with each other all the while. Having seen enough, Lucky retreated to the cave entrance to discuss the matter with his friends.

Reunited, the group discussed strategy while the cultists discussed theirs. On the urging of Groβ, Bensvelkeargix yelled out a few phrases to try and convince the ettins that the cultists planned to kill them, but they garnered no response. Upon further ponderance, a question came up of whether or not the group could divert the fiercely flowing waterfall into the cave – though the group knew they had little time, and such an effort would surely take hours at a minimum. Glinda however had a lightbulb moment, and informed them she could use Eldath’s power to redirect the flow of water and achieve such a feat. Thus the companions headed outside the cave to stand around the emerald pool, to prepare for the tiefling cleric to work her spell.

Groβ meanwhile was working on a new plan of his own. He opened the cage door in his lantern, and stuffed Glinda’s tiny vole Vulva inside it. He then wrapped the lantern up in fishing tackle, and attached it to his rod. Glinda subsequently cast water walk on the group, including the vole – in preparation for it to be forcefully thrown down into the cave. Glinda also left a small portable battering ram at the cave entrance, so that it too would be thrown down, along with Groβ’s caltrops which were already there.

Then Glinda weaved her spell, and through the power of the goddess of waterfalls herself, redirected the flow of that water to fill the cave. Vulva, strapped inside the lantern, sped off in front of the flow with alarming speed. For ten minutes, Glinda held the spell, and water kept pouring into the cave at an incredible rate. Once the spell had reached an end, the cleric cast clairvoyance, so that she could view the chaos the water had created inside the cave. What she saw was cultists and ettins swimming around madly – then spotting the vole. Listening in on them, she quickly learned that they planned to capture the vole, and so she ended her spell and commanded Groβ to quickly reel the line up so that Vulva would be safe.

When a couple of cultists made their way to the top of the cave, then once again summoned the power of Eldath to control water, redirecting the flow of the waterfall to smash into the cultists and push them back into the cave. For another full ten minutes the cleric held the spell, filling the cave up with enormous amounts of water. When she finished, she prepared herself for a third, assuming that it would be enough to fill the cavern fully, at least to the height that Lucky had described and she had seen in her divination spell.

This time however, Princess Fluffypants had a plan of her own. Using her most powerful magic, the warlock planned to summon a powerful fey spirit into the world that would take the form of a giant shark. And so she did – and thus a giant shark was conjured into existence amidst the third torrent of water that Glinda directed into the cave. The shark was a little over thirty feet long, a monster of a creature that almost had to be forced down the tunnel by the pounding flow of the water behind it. The half-elven warlock had only one command for the fey spirit as it descended into the waters of the cave – “kill”.

The cave now fully flooded, and with an aggressive fey spirit swimming around in the form of a giant shark killing all it came across, the companions simply waited outside for someone to come fleeing out. It was not long before the first cultist burst out of the cave, jumping through the waterfall – and Lucky buried a crossbow bolt in his head before he could even hit the emerald pool below. The second cultist to jump out made it to the water – only to be knocked unconscious by Groβ whacking him in the side of the head with Hazirawn.

The next to jump out from behind the watefall was a pretty wood wood elf girl, screaming for help – unarmed and soon deemed harmless. She was questioned quickly, revealing her name to be Delweth, and that she had been taken prisoner when the Cult attacked her village of Xandelil. The attack had been led by a moon elf named Neronvain, who had ridden into battle on the back of a green dragon – confirming the suspicion of Leosin Erlanthar that it had been a wyrmspeaker leading the attacks. The moon elf had decided to keep her as his prize, and had kept her prisoner in the dragon’s lair ever since, along with at least eleven others he had captured from across the Misty Forest. Many of those same elves she had just seen ripped apart by a giant shark, or drowned. The wood elf wept for her fallen brethren, and it began to dawn on the companions that in their haste to clear the tunnel, they had taken almost as many elven lives as they had of the cultists. Groβ muttered that the elves had taken their side when they yelled the alarm, but the others knew realized that they had likely done so under the threat of death. Princess Fluffypants was the only one amongst them to show no remorse for what they had done – though the warlock did not take pleasure in it, she recognized it as an acceptable loss.

The half-orc had buried climbing spikes into the cultist’s hands, pinning him to the walls of the emerald pool that was no slowly rising as the waterfall refilled it. He questioned the cultist quickly and directly about the layout of the cave, making sure to get every detail. The cultist, a human named Alreth, a clear believer in Tiamat’s return but still eager to be around to see it, revealed much, giving the half-orc a clear insight into the caves layout. Glinda also had questions for the man, which he answered quickly in response to her threats. When the half-orc was satisfied he knew enough, Groβ Panzer spared no mercy for the man, and buried Hazirawn in his chest.

The next body to drift out was that of an ettin, if not dead heavily unconscious and riddled with shark wounds. Lucky buried a few crossbow bolts in it to be sure it was dead, and the companions took one of its heads as a trophy. As the half-orc and the tiefling turned to the treeline where their other companions were, the waterfall suddenly seemed to burst as a huge invisible figure burst through it, the water beating off its back revealing the outline of a dragon. A solitary moon elf dressed in the (very wet) purple robes of a Wearer of Purple of the Cult of the Dragon rode on its back, his blade gleaming in the light. The dragon let out a mighty roar, that would send a chill into the hearts of any that saw it, and send any sane mortal fleeing – though the companions stood strong, their hearts bolstered by the garlands around their necks that filled them with a warm sense of hope.

The dragon however, wasted no time. “YOU DARE TO SULLY MY LAIR? I. AM. CHUTH!” With that, the dragon poured its poisonous breath down upon Groβ, Glinda, Bob, and Delweth, before they could get out of the way. The skin and flesh was instantly melted off Delweth’s bones, and the once pretty wood elf fell to the ground in a heap. Glinda had been partly protected by her ring of poison resistance, but nevertheless the three were heavily wounded already. To make matters worse, a wall of thorns sprung out from the ground below, encircling the half-orc and the tiefling. Though the half-orc managed to avoid the worst of the barbs, they thickened around Glinda, wounding her across her body and forcing her out of the wall.

Groβ reacted quickly, using his cloak to teleport out of the thorns next to the moon elf, and grab him from behind. While the others prepared to take on the dragon, the moon elf simply let go from the dragon, falling back towards the emerald pool, with Groβ still grabbing on, as the dragon flew past. The moon elf reached for his blade, and stabbed it into the half-orc twice before they crashed into the water below. As the two scrambled, Glinda dove in after them to try and make sure Groβ could benefit from her healing powers.

Meanwhile, as Lucky, Bob, and Princess Fluffypants hid against the blue leafed trees of the forest, the dragon tried to cast a spell against Fluffypants – though Bob managed to counterspell it easily, and the dragon subsequently circled away over the tall trees, out of sight. The three readied their next attacks, loosing them as soon as it reappeared. They did not slow it however, and the dragon unleashed its poisonous breath a second time before retreating once more. At the same time, Gro&b finally managed to knock the moon elf out, and was dragging him to the side of the emerald pool.

Before the dragon circled back, the five companions readied themselves. Groβ readied an arrow of dragon slaying, while Bensvelkeargix, Glinda, and Princess Fluffypants readied their spells. Lucky meanwhile, using his magic, created a silent illusion mimicking Bob, standing in the middle of the leafy glade awaiting the dragon. When it finally returned, the dragon swooped upon the illusion, clearly readying itself to unleash its poisonous breath upon it. It was only when it got within the low range of its blindsight that the dragon realised the truth – and then it was too late. The companions loosed their attacks. Though Eldath’s flames and a fire bolt from Bob both missed their targets, the warlocks eldritch blasts both landed, as did Groβ’s dragon slaying arrow. The dragon screamed in pain, and flew back towards the treetops, this time clearly fleeing the scene for good.

Groβ quickly scrambled up towards the cave entrance, and leapt out through the waterfall before loosing his last arrow of dragon slaying that he had received from the Council of Wyrms at the green dragon. However, the arrow missed and landed somewhere in the surrounding trees in the distance. Lucky, while having no line of sight to the dragon, using his sharpshooter skills and Boo Barry in the air as a spotter, fired a desperate crossbow bolt into the air after the dragon. The bolt found its mark, but it did not stop the dragon, who fled across the tree tops until it was completely out of range – and gone. The Emerald Assassin, Chuth, had fled to fight another day.

The dragon’s fate out of their hands for now, the group’s attention turned to the unconscious Neronvain the Green. groβ stripped him of his clothes and carefully examined his blade, which although not magical was enscribed in elven: “Prince Neronvain”. Pooling their knowledge of history, the group realised that this elf must be the exiled son of King Melandrach himself, who was thought to have died many years ago. Neronvain had been exiled from the courts of the Misty Forest after he took insults against his father into his own hands, and murdered an entire elven noble family. Realizing that the discovery that his son was alive and had joined the Cult would likely be of great distress to the elven king, Lucky informed Leosin Erlanthar via his sending stone that Neronvain would soon be teleported back to Waterdeep, and to keep him from sight and harm until the King could be informed – and that the elves should send warriors to the cave.

Their attackers now dealt with, the companions now wished to explore the cave – which remained flooded with water. Glinda could clear it, but she would need to rest before she could summon enough of Eldath’s power to do so again, so they slept that night in the glade. In the morning, the cleric drained the pool with the assistance of her goddess, and she and her companions headed in to assess the damage. The central chamber found many dead – either drowned or by shark wound. Ten cultists lay dead, as well as ten elves, and two ettins. The impact of their actions began to sink in, as they realised the cost of drowning out their enemies. One of the ettins was wearing a belt of hill giant strength, dressed around it inappropriately like a tiny sash, which Lucky took and put on, feeling immensely strong immediately after.

The rest of the chambers revealed that the water had done much damage. The cultists’ possessions were in disarray or ruined, although a few coins were scattered across the floor and able to be salvaged. A large supply of food and alcohol, some it including the incredibly rare elven drink Evermead, was entirely smashed and ruined. Neronvain’s chambers were similarly destroyed, with many rich, fine tapestries and artworks ripped apart by the force of the water which had flowed through – a collection that would once have been worht quite a bit. Only a trunk appeared to possibly hold anything of value now, and Lucky was sure to pick its lock at a distance using his mage hand. A poison needle trap indeed was in the lock, but it of course had no effect on the hand. Inside was a large amount of gold, and on top of it was a journal, the name Neronvain inscribed on its leather cover. Its pages however had been rendered entirely unreadable by the water.

A secret door revealed by the ruin lay at the back of the chamber, leading to a small shrine resembling a pair of white eyes looking out over a basin. Detecting no magic present, the group simply advanced through to find another secret door, that led through into an enormous cavern that must have been the dragons lair. A couple more bodies of cultists that must have swum through to here lay on the ground amidst a small pile of wealth and an acrid smell. In the corner of the room lay a metal cage, with the body of a bloodied, bruised, and drowned sun elven woman inside.

Realizing the woman was likely of some importance if she had been kept in a private cage in the dragon’s lair, Glinda raised her from the dead using the power of her goddess, and the elf spluttered to life. She revealed herself to be Cylanestriel, a member of the powerful group of adventurers from Waterdeep known as the Gray Hands, who worked under contract from the Open Lord of Waterdeep him or herself. She and her party had been on a mission given to them by Dagult Neverember when he was still the Open Lord – the mission of infiltrating the Well of Dragons and assassinating Severin. However, it had been a disaster. The huge amount of warriors and mercenaries the Cult had summoned to the Well was truly immense, numbering well over twenty thousand at the well alone.

Even so, the accomplished adventuring group had mostly managed to avoid these and approach the volcano. Cylanestriel and two others kept watch from below while the others began to ascend – and suddenly found themselves trapped inside a magical forcefield protecting the volcano, which instantly rendered them helpless. The army was alerted, and hordes of warriors descended upon them. The helpless warriors, however powerful, had been rendered totally helpless, and were killed easily. Cylanestriel and the others fled, but as the army closed around them she was the only one to escape their grasp, as she saw her friends cut down in front of her eyes. The elven ranger managed to escape all the way to the Misty Forest, though there by pure bad luck she had fallen across the path of Neronvain and Chuth. Since then she had been her prisoner, being tortured by the two sadistic beings and being allowed to overhear snippets of plans to assassinate elven royals before being beaten to the edge of death once more.

With the elven ranger rescued, the group decided to explore the rest of the cavern. Not much was found, except for a small shrine to Eldath. Glinda however had decided to rest for a moment in the cavern below, so the group decided they would tell her about it later. The rest of the cavern revealed nothing more that had not been destroyed by the torrential flows of water, so the companions left the cave for the glade outside to ponder their next move. Bob began to drag out the bodies of the drowned and shark-slain elves, preparing them for burial.

It was decided that as the sending stone had already been used, Princess Fluffypants would contact Leosin that night via a dream spell. So the group waited for nightfall for the warlock to weave her spell, and she did so, sending Lucky into it as a messenger. The half-elf told Leosin of what had happened, and asked for instruction of what they should do next. The monk responded, first thanking him for ensuring Neronvain was returned alive – a measure the Harpers would surely be thankful for. In fact, Leosin had been arguing for Lucky to move up the ranks of the Harpers from behind the scenes. The capture of Neronvain had been enough that Leosin was now allowed to award Lucky a Harper Pin – a magic pin that would protect him from divination magic as well as a few other effects once he returned to Waterdeep.

However, Leosin revealed that he had no new strong leads for them to investigate as yet – it had, after all, only been five days since they met last after the last Council of Waterdeep. Waterdeep had nevertheless already suffered a dragon attack since, although Neverwinter had suffered a greater one. It appeared the Cult was ramping up their attacks, making a move to take as much wealth for themselves as they could. The metallic dragons were already being put to good use by the dwarves, elves, Elturgard, the Emerald Enclave, and Luruar, in fighting back. The monk nevertheless promised to look further into other leads, and that he would continue to contact them with new information. With that, the dream came to a close, and the companions slept through the rest of the night, pondering what to do next while they awaited King Melandrach’s warriors to arrive – and what they would say when they found not only fourteen cultists and three ettins dead, but twelve elven lives taken as well.


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