Wild Elves

Elven subrace.

The very rare wild elves are rarely seen by others, because they live in the heart of thick forests and they have incredible skill at keeping hidden. Also called green elves, their skin tends to be dart brown, and their hair ranges from black to light brown, lightening to silvery white with age. Wild elves commonly hold the elven god Fenmarel Mestarine in high reverence.

Wild elves favor warm forests and jungles, and thus are more common in the far south of Faerûn. Though many members of the other elven races (with the exception of the drow) left Faerûn for the isle of Evermeet in 1344 DR, the wild elves refused to leave and remained behind, isolated from their surface brethren. Although many of the other elves eventually returned, the wild elves still remain apart.

The wild elves were not always the feral creatures they have become today. They were once known as the green elves, and commanded great kingdoms such as Illefarn, Miyeritar, and Keltormir. However, the devastation of the Crown Wars caused many green elves to question the value of building civilization, and they slowly moved deeper and deeper into the forests, giving up their old ways and becoming more focused on the raw necessities of survival.

Wild Elves

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