Varram the White

The gold dwarf Varramzord Rorndan wass a member of Severin’s inner circle, and a Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon, until the White Dragon Mask was stolen from him by Jamna Gleamsilver, resulting in his eventual capture by the Heroes of Skyreach. He was previously the White Wyrmspeaker, and a close confidant of Severin himself. Talis reserves a particular dislike of him, after she was passed over for the Wyrmspeaker role in Varram’s favour, and now the White Dragon Mask has ended up in her hands.

The Aglarondian dwarf was sold into slavery in Thay by pirates, where he lived under his Red Wizard master for 95 years before escaping to Chessenta in 1459 DR. As a result of his time in Thay, Varram nurses a fierce hatred of Red Wizards, despite the Cult’s alliance with them. In Chessenta he was swept up in the worship of Tchazzar, and through that group came to the worship of Tiamat. It was in Chessenta that Varram first came into contact with the Cult of the Dragon, and came to be inspired by early meetings with the visionary Severin. The two became steadfast allies – though Varram has expressed worry that his recent failings mean that Severin would now have little trouble ordering his death.

Varram came to the attention of the Harpers when he was spotted in the Western Heartlands, accompanied by a small retinue, headed for Boareskyr Bridge. Rumours held that he had lost the White Dragon Mask, and was looking for it. When the Harper contact ended up murdered, Leosin Erlanthar brought the information to the Council of Waterdeep, resulting in the Heroes of Skyreach deciding to go after him.

After losing the White Dragon Mask to the Zhentarim through Jamna, Varram travelled to the Tomb of Diderius, seeking its legendary pool of divination to discern the Mask’s location. There he discovered that the mask had ended up in the hands of Talis, moments before he was ambushed and captured by the yuan-ti of Ss’tck’al. There he tried to bargain with the yuan-ti, promising them great riches – and he remained with them until he was rescued from their grasp by the Heroes of Skyreach – for the purpose of interrogation back in Waterdeep.

Varram revealed to the Heroes of Skyreach, as well as the Harpers much about the function and plans of the Cult of the Dragon – including what he saw in Diderius’s divination pool, the security status of the Well of Dragons, and the personalities and directives of the Cult’s Wyrmspeakers – including the fact that Galvan the Blue had been sent north to speak with Arauthator about the Draakhorn. He also revealed that the death of Rath Modar had resulted in a power-feud in the Red Wizards associated with the Cult, and that large amounts of Chessentans had travelled west to join with the Cult, worshipping Hoondarrh as an avatar of Tchazzar. He also mentioned some powerful new defense Severin had planned for the Well of Dragons, but he knew nothing of its nature – and that a succubus had been sent by Severin courtesy of Zariel to spy on the Council of Waterdeep.

Varram was given a symbol of Eldath by Grihala “Glinda” Battlefate and told to consider the path of peace. The dwarf agreed, expressing doubt over if it was right for him – but as a captive he took it as something to think about. Varram prefers male dwarven company to that of females.

Varram the White

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