Ulder Ravengard

Marshall Ulder Ravengard is he leader of the Flaming Fist – the military might of Baldur’s Gate. He is perhaps the most respected martial leader in the Lords’ Alliance, and can muster more soldiers than anyone else on the Sword Coast – and he knows it. A a stern warrior dedicated to discipline and results, he is meticulous, forgetting nothing and forgiving less. Although he sometimes lacks in sophistication and tact, he possesses an unwavering commitment to the law and practicality. He would be considered to be handsome if not for his constant scowl and many scars. As the leader of Baldur’s Gate’s military forces, Ravengard is also a member of the city’s ruling Council of Four.

Council of Waterdeep
Ravengard represents the interests of his city at the Council of Waterdeep, and appears as keen as any other attendee to take the fight directly to the Cult of the Dragon. Thus far he has had little reason to critique the actions of the Heroes of Skyreach, though he sees himself as a more capable leader of the combined forces of the Sword Coast. He has indicated worry that the Kingdom of Cormyr will seek to use the conflict to expand into the region, a concern that Lucky Charmer has indicated that he also shares.

Interaction with the Heroes of Skyreach
The position of Marshall means that the keeping of justice and the peace in Baldur’s Gate is ultimately his responsibility, and he takes this very seriously. Although Groβ Panzer had already become a celebrated hero against the dragon cultists, Ulder Ravengard was honourbound to charge him for the theft of the magical blade of one of his city’s merchants, Benson Grain. He was however willing to lift the charges in respect of Groβ’s accomplishments in return for the return of the blade to its rightful owner.

Lucky was later offered a contract by the Shadow Thieves to assassinate Ravengard, as he was upsetting their operations in Baldur’s Gate. Through the hired assassin Gaston Allaevan, Lucky was told that Ravengard had struck up a corrupt alliance with the local thief network known as the Guild – and that the city would be better off without him. However, Lucky declined, and made sure the Marshall was informed off the bounty on his head – something which Ravengard is quite thankful for.

Ulder Ravengard

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