Taern Hornblade

Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade, once the High Mage of Silverymoon, has lived an unnaturally long life by consuming potions of longevity. Although once his city’s ruler, he eventually ceded control to Methrammar Aerasumé and now serves as a diplomat and advisor. He travelled to the Council of Waterdeep to speak for Luruar as ambassador.

He is a grave, thoughtful, and careful man, though tales speak of his reckless youth – his nickname, “Thunderspells”, comes from the deadly battle-spells for which he became known in long-ago magefair duels and fighting for the defense of Silverymoon – such as he did against the orcs during the War of Everlasting Darkness. He is known as one of the most skilled wizards in the region, though his reflexes have waned with his increasing age.

Though clearly conscious of the threat the Cult of the Dragon poses, Taern also knowns that the Silver Marches has been greatly exhausted during recent conflicts with drow and orcs in the War of Everlasting Darkness, and that Silverymoon’s dragon wards have protected it from attacks before. Nevertheless, he has approved of the Heroes of Skyreach’s conduct thus far, and follows their movements closely.

He is characteristically seen with his rat familiar and his gleaming longsword by his side.

Taern Hornblade

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