This lizardman is now the chieftain of the Scaly Death tribe. Fiercely proud of his people, with the help of Groβ, Glinda, Lucky, and Princess Fluffypants (in the company of the cultist Hamez) he managed to restore their morale after it was broken after the death of their former chieftain, Suncaller.

Previously, like the other members of his tribe, Snapjaw had been recruited to work as a labourer and hunter for the Cult of the Dragon, whilst being forced to submit to the orders of the bullywugs, an alien frog-like race with customs considered foul to the lizardfolk. This situation has caused Snapjaw to greatly resent the Cult, and outright hate the bullywugs. During a routine assignment to move crates from Carnath Roadhouse to Castle Naerytar, Snapjaw’s patrol of lizardfolk came under attack from . Every last lizardfolk was killed in the attack save Snapjaw, most of them fried by Bob’s fireball spell. Awed by the group’s power, Snapjaw saw in them an opportunity to alter the power structure of the Mere of Dead Men, and restore the pride of his tribe.

After they defeated the Weed That Walks, the killer of the tribe’s former chieftain, a battle that saw Snapjaw overcome his fear of the creature thanks to a beacon of hope spell from Glinda, the lizardman became convinced they could restore his people’s pride. He henceforth has worn the creature’s remains as a headdress.

Snapjaw led his people into battle against the bullywugs and the Cult of the Dragon, aided by the adventurers he had met. When the battle was done, he was proclaimed their chieftain, wearing the corpse of the Weed That Walks as a crown.


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