Sir Isteval

Sir Daewyn Isteval, a retired paladin of Lathander, was a member of Cormyr’s Purple Dragon Knights since his youth, and later became a famed adventurer before his leg was wounded by a green dragon – a wound that resists magical healing. Since then he has given up adventuring and walks with a cane, but he has established a reputation as a patron for good adventurers, living from his home in the Sword Coast town of Daggerford.

Sir Isteval was invited to the Council of Waterdeep as a nominal representative for Daggerford, mainly out of respect for him and as a political gesture to the town. However, he has admitted being drafted by Cormyr to gain insight into the Sword Coast’s conflict with the Cult of the Dragon, seeing a war brewing on their borders. When he openly revealed this to the Council, many of its members demanded his expulsion – though the Heroes of Skyreach eventually stood up for him in return for his securing of a written declaration from Queen Raedra of Cormyr that the Kingdom would use the conflict with the cult not to increase its influence in the area.

Isteval has a history of backing heroes to chase away the sparks of evil in the world, and thus far he has taken a liking to the Heroes of Skyreach, approving most of their actions. He nevertheless was worried about their involvement with the cultist “Silat” (Talis), believing that working with evil would always come to foul ends.

During the Second Council of Waterdeep, Sir Isteval publicly backed the Heroes of Skyreach, pledging that the Purple Dragons of Cormyr would follow their lead in the battle against the Cult – should Queen Raedra follow his advice, as he believed she would.

Sir Isteval

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