Shadow Thieves

The organization known as the Shadow Thieves is the largest and most prosperous thieves guild in all of Faerûn. From the organization’s stronghold in Amn, their system of numerous interlocking guilds controls the lion’s share of all criminal operations along the entirety of the Sword Coast, and reaches beyond that area into many other parts of the continent. In Amn they have their hands in every operation, criminal or otherwise – and are believed to even control the nation’s politics.

They are said to have two main goals: increasing their wealth and expanding their power. The highly secretive nature of the guild and its operatives ensures that its members have limited significant knowledge of its operations and their own associates. The forces of law and order have more than once tried to pierce the veil of silence that surrounds the Shadow Thieves, to little avail. Almost without fail the organization’s rank and file don’t even realize that they work for the Shadow Thieves – they simply pay their dues to their guildmaster without discovering they’re part of a much wider network with a hand in almost every illicit pie in the Sword Coast.

Everyone in Amn, and many along the Sword Coast, knows the mark of the Shadow Thieves: a black silk domino mask impaled on a stiletto – though it is widely known the symbol is only allowed to be used with specific permission from above – with the penalty being the misuser’s assassination, with a black mask fixed to their corpse with a stilletto.

Lucky Charmer
The Shadow Thieves have a large bounty on Lucky’s head, after he personally upset someone high in their ranks. The group offered the rogue a chance to get out of this by assassinating Ulder Ravengard, the Marshall of Baldur’s Gate’s Flaming Fist, in order to eliminate one of their enemies in the city. However, Lucky refused – an act which no doubt further enraged the group’s leadership.

Known members:

Gaston Allaevan, a Tethyrian assassin who hunted Lucky for some time

Shadow Thieves

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