Scaly Death

The Scaly Death tribe of lizardfolk are native to the Mere of Dead Men, and have proudly dominating their territory while paying tribute to the great black dragon Voaraghamanthar. Through his link with the black dragon, the lizardfolk were convinced to work with Rezmir and the Cult of the Dragon. This was made possible due to the fact that some years ago their chieftain Suncaller was slain by a creature known as the Weed That Walks, an event that left the tribe leaderless and without direction, their morale destroyed.

The lizardfolk were brought to Castle Naerytar to work for the Cult as labourers and hunters. While the lizardfolk were initially proud to be doing something of significance, this pride soon soured when they realised that Rezmir had elevated the bullywugs of the Mere above the lizardfolk, and they were forced to submit to the alien creatures. Nevertheless, the morale of the Scaly Death tribe remained low and beaten, as they remained chieftain-less, and their patron Voaraghamanthar rarely spoke to them. Though they hated the bullywugs fiercely and resented the Cult of the Dragon, they still had a significant inferiority complex.

However, this ended with the coming of the companions Bob the Hermit, Getafix Obelix, Glinda, Lucky Charmer, and Princess Fluffypants. With the aid of a rebellious lizardman named Snapjaw that was pushing for the lizardfolk to rise up and rebel against their masters, the companions instigated a lizardfolk rebellion inside Castle Naerytar that saw them slay many of their bullywug oppressors.

Snapjaw now rules comfortably over his tribe from Castle Naerytar, still wearing the crown made from the corpse of the Weed That Walks. The “thumbs up” symbol shown to them by Lucky has become the trademark of their newly discovered tribal pride.

Tribe Elders:
Snapjaw (chieftain)

Scaly Death

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