Rath Modar

This Red Wizard was the leader of an insurgency movement against Szass Tam, the lich lord of Thay, that associated itself with the Cult of the Dragon. According to notes found in his quarters, Rath Modar had been promised an army of dragons to aid him in taking over Thay once the Cult were successful in summoning Tiamat.

The Red Wizard was a master illusionist, but this did not aid him when he was ambushed by Bob the Hermit, Grob Panzer, Glinda, Lucky Charmer, Princess Fluffypants, and Patris Daarendrian aboard Skyreach Castle, where he was overseeing the transportation of vast amounts of wealth to the Well of Dragons. He was slain almost before he could move along with his ally Azbara Jos, too surprised to counter Princess Fluffypants’s eldritch magic. Their bodies were thrown off the side of the flying castle to the ground over a thousand feet below.

Rath Modar’s death set the Cult’s work back significantly, and according to sources has resulted in a power-struggle within the Red Wizards associated with the Cult. Varram the White revealed upon his capture that Rath was in fact the cousin of Galvan the Blue, who had orchestrated the alliance between the Cult and the Red Wizards in the first place.

Further notes found among Rath Modar’s belongings revealed a relatively close working relationship with Severin, the leader of the Cult, and that Rath had given him a small army of Red Wizards to assist with the fortification of the Well of Dragons. They also revealed that Szass Tam had made personal threats against Rath should he continue to ally with the Cult. Amongst these notes was also a book titles Beyond the Iron Gates – a book written in Infernal on devil summonings – which described the use of a massive summoning ritual and the sacrifice of hundreds of souls that could be used to bring Tiamat out of the Nine Hells and into the world.

Rath Modar carried a staff of fire, which Bob initially claimed but now rests in the hands of Princess Fluffypants.

Rath Modar

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