Ptarian Code

This ancient draconic code has a strong emphasis on the honour and teachings of Bahamut, lord of all good dragons. It was set down originally by the great gold wyrm Ptarius, one of Bahamut’s faithful seven gold wyrms, and has been followed by them ever since, along with many good dragons that folllow Bahamut since.

The newly awoken Bensvelkeargix has sworn to uphold the Code as a symbol of his devotion.

Dragons that follow the Ptarian Code are expected to be pure of heart and deed, and to aid each other and the “small folk” that live throughout Faerûn. They seek out and try to convert the forces of evil, using violence only as a last resort. They pay homage also to the draconic gods Lendys the Balancer and Her Mercy Tamara, but most especially to Bahamut, the Justicemaker.

The Code:
Justice and Good above all.
Honour and Fealty to the King1.
Honour and Respect to Righteous Innocence.
Honour and Duty to the Balancer, to Her Mercy, and to the Justicemaker.
Honour and Protection to the Lesser Races.
Honour and Correction to the Enemies of Justice and Good.
Honour and Forbearance to Oneself.

1 A reference to Bahamut, the King of Good Dragons.

Ptarian Code

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